10 Steps to a Healthier you!

Feel like your flab is taking up all the space in your clothes? Does climbing up a flight of stairs leave you breathless? Do you concoct ideas of starting an exercise routine which never comes into effect? Here are a few exercise tips for beginners which will surely kick start your workouts.

Before you consider starting any sort of an exercise program you should take a full physical examination from a local physician. Once you get an ‘all clear’, we recommend you contact a personal trainer to evaluate your fitness and figure out all the calculations to design your exercise program and suffice the need of any personalized exercise tips.

Take your time! It is essential to gradually commence your exercise routine with a few minutes of walking scheduled a few times a week. Keep adding a few minutes with brief periods of stretching to your routine to make sure you don’t exert too much force on your muscles to cause damage.

Make notes! Jot down every thing you did as part of your daily exercise routine and how you felt about it. This way you can narrow down your practical workouts and specify the areas of interest when it comes to getting exercise tips. Schedule your exercise routines like you would a doctor’s appointment. Set reminders or post notes but make sure you make it to them, on time!

Find yourself a partner. Convince your colleague, your best friend or even a neighbor to become part of your exercise routine. The more the merrier.  Make your life an everyday work out. Use the stairs over the elevator. Park farther away from where you usually do. Drink plenty of water.

Reward yourself with a new gym outfit or a faday at the spa. Consider it as a break from your everyday exercise routine.

Set short term goals as part of your exercise routine. Limit your goals to a weekly or daily basis. This will help keep you motivated and reduce the chances of your determination to wither. Prepare for your next days exercise routine the night before. Pack your gym bag, sleep on time and be punctual.

Eating healthy is the golden exercise tip. Work harder on your proteins and cut down on your carbohydrates. Replace your intake of bread and carbohydrate-laden foods with vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, chicken, milk and vitamin-loaded foods. It isn’t nearly as impossible as it seems to stay determined to stick to an exercise routine. I hope the above mentioned exercise tips for beginners will help streamline your motivation towards a healthier, fitter you!

Feel like your flab is taking up all the space in your clothes? Does climbing up a flight of stairs leave you breathless?

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