Solo men’s fashion show

Glamor, Power & Money, Inspire Life at Munib Nawaz’s first solo men’s fashion show in Pakistan in over 25 years.

12th August at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, Rado watches sponsored the first men’s solo show in Pakistan in over 25years showcasing the collection of Munib Nawaz, who recently became the first Pakistani to win the prestigious best men’s style designer of the year award at the Miami Fashion Week. The event was organized by Imran Kureishi, who put together a flawless show, the grooming and make up of the models was done by the maestro Khawar Riaz, who added a fourth dimension to men’s styling.

The event was based on the out of the box approach of the designer, Munib Nawaz, who was very excited about taking the risk of doing a solo men’s wear fashion show. His collection was called, Inspire Life, which took its roots in the philosophy of becoming and achieving a dream. Inspire life was all about going out there and getting things done, to live an inspired life and to lead a life that inspires those around you. The show was an early evening affair and very well attended with the who’s who of the media, fashion and music industry gracing the event, everyone was impressed with the management of the show and a punctual start.

The lights lit and the first entry at all men’s fashion show was Fayeza who trotted down in her distinct style wearing an ivory long jacket which revealed a short black sequin dress, setting the tone for the show, then entered a barrage of 20 male models who displayed the magnitude of the show. The choreography was “impeccable” as one journalist pointed out. The models looked stunning and still provocative thanks to the maestro Khawar Riaz.

What most inspires the designer are 3 elements which make him tick, GLAMOR < POWER & MONEY. These elements create inspiration for me and are focal points for the quintessential Man of Munib Nawaz brand. The first segment was Money which was the more colorful affair, models walked down wearing immaculately tailored and styled blazers; the one that caught the most attention was a deep purple velvet tuxedo.

Next was Power, which was interpreted as Black and structured, the designer created a line of 25 meticulously designed and luxuriously tailored suits. Gold waist coats and pocket squares confirm the trend of the collection. The suits were highlighted with their gold linings and matching waistcoats, giving a feel of the classic gentleman with an animal inside. This segment was uncompromising in every regard especially Chris Cornell being played at a fashion show gives it the unique Munib essence of rock n roll.

Then glamor was subtly placed in the wedding wear, the sherwanees were styled to look more modern without turbans and khussas. A slight refreshing take on an otherwise dull silhouette. This segment closed with Munib’s tribute to his country, as a model walked wearing a sherwanee that had the map of Pakistan on its back. This sherwanee was well applauded and the show reached its pinnacle when Iraj walked the ramp wearing a camouflage cape and added spunk to the show.

Overall a great evening with just the right mix of things, according to the designer, this was a “fully functional fashion show”.the event had it all, fashion, creativity, ambience, clean set, the right amount of people and ample glamour to keep your eyes on the ramp for the entire duration of the show.  There was a great synergy between the sponsors, Rado and Munib Nawaz. Events like these show how 2 brands can synergize and create an environment which is subtle and classic.

Sponsor : Rado Switzerland
Production & Choreography : Imran Kureishi
Photography : Nasir Jamal, Ayaz Anis and Fayyaz Ahmed

Glamor, Power & Money, Inspire Life at Munib Nawaz’s first solo men’s fashion show in Pakistan in over 25 years.

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