Reema Ahsan latest Madhubala collection at PHBCW19

Reema Ahsan presented her collection Madhubala, creating attires worthy for a bride’s most treasured moments which was followed by Ahsan Menswear Darwesh.

Beauty, elegance, shimmer, sophisticated and quality sum up the distinctive characteristics of Reema Ahsan latest bridal collection – Madhubala. It is a nod to the antiquity of the highly praised style of begums; with designs boasting a textural grandeur that truly mirror the culture, traditions and customs of those times, epitomizing the Shahi lifestyle of our Indo-Persian roots.

Each outfit boasts intricate embroidery incorporating traditional patterns and Mughal Art inspired motifs such as bagh and paisley to produce heavily adorned designs mirroring the extensive ornamentation of the Mughal era that truly reflects our heritage.

The larger than life Resham walked for Reema Ahsan

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