Premiere of the ‘Knorr Quest for the Noodle Pot’

The Premiere of the animated Knorr Quest series for the Golden Noodle Pot was held in collaboration with Shehzad Roy’s Zindagi Trust at the SMB Fatima Jinnah School. Celebrity cast members, media personalities and children from the school attended the exciting premiere.

Knorr stages an exciting premiere of the Action Packed Urdu children’s television series: “Knorr Quest for the Noodle Pot” complete with celebrity voices!

The Premiere of the “Knorr Quest for the Noodle Pot” was held at the Zindagi Trust and Bookgroup SMB Fatima Jinnah School at Main Nishtar Road which was attended by almost all celebrity cast members lending their voices to the animated series. This includes singer/actor/comedian Khaled Anam, renowned Pakistani actress Sania Saeed, acclaimed actress Arjumand Rahim, comedian Faisal Qureshi and comedian and actor Adeel Hashmi. The event was also attended by Shehzad Roy himself and over 2000 children from his school.  It is the first time that an all-star celebrity cast have given their voices to an animated cartoon series.

The premiere was hosted by popular VJ Dino. The morning began with a health and safety brief by Assistant brand manager Knorr Mustafa Jalil followed by an address by Chairman Unilever, Ehsan Malik after which Farihya Subhani, VP Foods Unilever and Shehzad Roy announced a collaboration between Knorr with Zindagi Trust’s children’s breakfast programme and outdoor activities for 1 year. Asima Haq, Marketing Manager then introduced the Knorr Quest and screened the first episode of the 3D animated series which was enjoyed immensely by students, media, faculty and celebrity cast members alike! The Knorr Quest for the Golden Noodle Pot sees Faisal Qureshi voicing the character of “Evil Chef”, Adeel Hashmi playing “Chuck”, Sania Saeed playing “Chatty”, Arjumand Rahim playing the dual role of “Koochoo” and “Chopstix”, Khaled Anam lending his voice to the “The Mayor” of Knorr Kounty and media personality Imran Aslam playing “Big Jinn”.
Speaking about Knorr, the Quest and celebrity voices, Asima Haq, Marketing Manager, has said “Knorr’s Quest for the noodle pot can be classified as ‘Edu-tainment’. It aims at entertaining Pakistani children while at the same time teaching them all about good eating habits. The dramatic story telling, compelling characters with celebrity voiceovers and exciting animation in each of the three episodes makes the Knorr Quest message fun and powerful. Many action packed adventure series are dark, with heroes who use violence to fight the evil forces; the Knorr Quest consciously stays away from violence and empowers children to bring about a positive change in their respective communities.”
Produced in 3D, the Knorr Quest features 3 x 10 episodes of an Urdu language cartoon series for children and families which encourages the spirit of adventure, imagination and out of the box education. The story is based on the adventures of a young boy, Ramiz, in search of the Golden Noodle Pot which is stolen by the Evil Chef [Faisal Qureshi] and to retrieve this, joining him on this adventure is his cousin Rania, his Knorr Gang of Friends and Big Jinn [Imran Aslam]. Speaking about the making of the Knorr Quest, director and creative producer Semyne Khan has said “The idea and story line for the Quest was a "light bulb" moment – it all fell into place in a snap! Writing and directing for kids has given me a chance to get back into my and my kids childhood, and let my imagination run wild. It’s a classic fairy tale adventure set in an imaginary land called Knorr Kounty which in a playful way reinforces the themes of responsibility, the fight between good and evil, strength of character, intertwined with a love for noodles and a healthy eating habits. It’s a wholesome fairy tale adventure for a wholesome magical brand! All the characters you will see have been originally created for Knorr and the Quest series"
Speaking about the collaboration between Knorr and Zindagi Trust, Shehzad Roy has said: “Zindagi Trust and Bookgroup took over the management of SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School in 2007 and replaced outdated government textbooks with modern and child- friendly textbooks and also established many new facilities such as a library, audio-visual room, art room, cafeteria, health room etc. We created a culture of learning, not just by changing books and government policies, but also by bringing in modules like chess, art, rowing. Everybody, irrespective of their economic status, is entitled to the same standard of education. Maintaining this policy and philosophy, Knorr has added to the learning out to the classroom culture by providing a jungle gym for the kindergarten children of SMB Fatima Jinnah School and will also be providing noodles all year round for the kids in support of our breakfast program. Knorr and Zindagi Trust have taken another step towards giving quality education to the children of Pakistan and look forward to continuing to move together.” Indeed Shehzad Roy has also sung a song for the Quest along with a group of children.

Join Ramiz and his Knorr Gang of Friends and family across 3 episodes of fun and adventure starting from the 15th of March across all popular television channels in Pakistan. Follow the Knorr Quest on Facebook by searching for the “Knorr Quest” fan page!

Evil Chef: Television funny man Faisal Qureshi lends his voice to the Evil Chef, the Knorr Quest villain who steals the Knorr Noodle Pot!
Chatty: A Knorr Quest character whose special power allows her to talk to animals, Chatty is played by actress Sania Saeed.
Chuck: Lending his voice to character Chuck is actor Adeel Hashmi. Chuck’s powers allow him to navigate to any place in the world.
Koochoo: Arjumand Rahim plays Koochoo, whose sixth sense super power allows her to sense what people, plants and even rocks are thinking!
Chopstix: Also played by Arjumand Rahim. Chopstix is a Karate Expert.
Limchoo:  Limchoo’s character can transport people through time and space. Played by Momin Durrani.
Hal: Has the power to generate heat and fire and this character is played by voice over specialist Dr. Yasir.
Big Jinn: Played by actor and media personality Imran Aslam, Big Jinn guides Rania and Ramiz towards the noodle pot throughout the Knorr Quest.
Mayor of Knorr Kounty: Played by actor/singer/comedian Khaled Anam, who is Ramiz’s father.
Ramiz: The hero of Knorr Quest, Ramiz is ten years old and the son of the Knorr County mayor. Ramiz’s character is played by Syed Fazal of Ramchand Pakistani fame.
Rania: Ramiz’s 12 year old elder cousin, Rania is played by young actress Aniqa Adil and is his partner in the quest to find the Knorr noodle pot.
Mrs Mayor: Is Ramiz’s mother.
Nani: Is Ramiz’s grandmother played by Faiza Kazai
Churail: Played by Faiza Kazai
Newscaster: Played by Ajnabi
Junk Foodie: Played by Ajnabi
Thug: Played by Ajnabi.
News Reporter: Mehreen Sonia

The Premiere of the animated Knorr Quest series for the Golden Noodle Pot was held in collaboration with Shehzad Roy's Zindagi Trust at the SMB Fatima Jinnah School.

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