Why Chambaili Is A Must Watch

Chambaili: The fragrance of freedom is a Pakistani Urdu language blockbuster film. Chambaili is one of the best projects of Pakistan cinema industry. Chambaili is like no other film. It is remarkably a different movie which is really praiseworthy. The theme of this movie is different from all other movies and is according to the situation that is prevailing in Pakistan.

The entire Pakistan is engaged into the political conversations, spirits are so high that everyone from the young to old, from rich to poor have been surrounded by this dilemma. The movie revolves around the political structure of a country. Chambaili is the reflection of Pakistan today where target killing and crime are the norm. Chambaili also reflects our expectations from politics as a nation. It draws an under lying comparison to the current state of Pakistan, which may hope will be saved by a drastic leader.

Chambaili is the perfect tonic for Pakistan. It is an unforgettable saga of courage and sacrifices for the homeland. The message that movie disseminates is for public, for us. It’s time to wake up. It is time to raise voices for our true rights. It is time for us to do something to change our lives; sometimes a revolution may just be triggered by a movie and chambaili seems to be the perfect movie to start the revolution of ideas and dialogue. I must say that media is playing positive role and contributing a lot for making the whole nation aware. The effect of media is so powerful that it can shape the minds of people. 

Through this movie, the crew behind the movie has tried to evoke the feeling of love for motherland and also tried to spread the fragrance of freedom in the country. This is a story of hope, courage, optimism of youth and citizens who come together against all odds and disputes to bring a positive change and carve a better future for them.

Chambaili was released under the banner of Geo films. A huge number of people were anxiously waiting for this movie after watching its trailer and promo on Geo TV. After superb exhibition of the movie in cinemas, feedback was highly positive. After enjoying the move in cinema, people can’t control their emotions as their eyes become wet by watching this film filled with love for the homeland. Echo of the clapping showed that this new trend and the subject of the film were highly admired by the spectator. One might even walk out of cinema was feeling cheated but not politically enlightened.

Chambaili is patriotic and purposeful movie. In these crucial times not only film industry of Pakistan needs such movies that can bring spectators to the cinema but current situation of Pakistan also demands that patriotism and love for the homeland be awakened via such efforts.

CHAMBAILI is a must watch. So you must go to cinema to watch this Pakistani film CHAMBAILI that evoke spirit and love for freedom in you. This movie is a positive step towards the restoration of Pakistan film industry and also the need of the current situation.

You must go to watch the movie Chambaili that is positive step in the revival of Pakistan cinema industry and also the need of the day. The success of the movie is not because of marvelous job done by actors and producers but another reason is the cunning

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