Review of The System

Pakistani film industry has lately seen a lot of buzz and that buzz is actually successful in getting some amazing pictures out for the audience ti cherish and make the country proud. The System is also a product of 2014 Pakistani, Urdu-language action, drama film and is directed by the talented Norway-based Shahzad Ghufoor with whom people have high expectation.

The system is written by Wajid Zubeir and is produced by Ghafoor Butt of Leos Productions (Norway) while the star case of the Film include huge and credible names that include Nadeem Baig, Shafqat Cheema, Irfan Khoosat, Nayyar Ejaz, Sheraz Ghafoor in lead roles while other actors like Saleem Shah, Kashaf Ali, Mariyam Ali Hussiain, Ejaz Hussain Bugti, Rabia Tabassum, Sufian, Saleem Shah. Saima Saleem, Saira and others have done well in their respective roles.

The setting of the film is in a neighborhood in Lahore and the perspective is that from the everyday lives of a middle-class family which is used to expose the corruption that prevails and how it affects mundane lives. The plot revolves around a young Lahori boy namely Haider Ali (Sehraz) who comess out of home to fight the prevailing corrupt system while the scenes between Ali and ‘The System’s’ fight were actually filled with some unbridled action stunts and topped on with cheesy dialogues and bold and amusing item numbers which may have seemed vulgar to some.

The pot deals with the life of the guy (Shehraz) who comes with two strong beliefs about the prevailing corrupt system that are if you are unable to change the system then either accept it and be a part of it as it is or the other option is boycott is and don’t be a part of it and then change it with your efforts. Later some events occur in his life which make get out of the system that forms the climax and the plot line of the movie.


According to some film critics the film takes inspiration from Rajnikanth film Sivaji: The boss along with Salman Khan’s risky stunts that are a favorite of many and all this ends up in something that leads nowhere. The System is a film that was made in a meager budget of Rs7 Crores and managed to do a business of Rs1.8 Crores in its first weekend and of course much apparently it is a movie which needs to do three times more its budget to break even.

In such turnover of a circumstance a motion picture’s success and particularly of a re-emerging film industry and that definitely depends on good, commercially viable, wide-ranging, genre specific fare that has to have one chief attribute and that is an engaging, interactive, gripping and well thought out, script.

Shafqat Cheema and the superstar Nadeem Baig actually rob the hearts with their commendable performances throughout the film. Although all of the film was shot in Lahore while the songs (mostly the dream sequences) were shot in Norway which are the highlight in the entire movie. The Systems comes with a few things going for it and technically it is competent.

The crispy, high contrast graded cinematography of the film is done by Syed Faisal Bukhari while the music is given by the director Shailesh Suvarna and so far are have incurred a balanced response. The film is ranked as 5 on a scale of 10. 

The System is a a product of 2014 Pakistani, Urdu-language action, drama film and is directed by the talented Norway-based Shahzad Ghufoor with whom people have high expectation.

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