Nayha hates Valentine’s Day!

Where everyone is busy in shopping lovely gifts of love for their loved ones, Neha Dhupia says she hates Valentine’s Day. Does that mean her relationship with Ritwik Bhattacharya is dwindling? No, that’s not the issue. Neha believes that it’s just a really silly concept and it’s so hard to understand why the whole world is fervent about celebrating this day. “It’s not a festival to celebrate, so what’s the significance of it” she says.

Perhaps it has something to do in Nayha’s childhood chubby days back at school. Neha reveals that back in school she was a fat and really ugly kid. When everyone used to be getting presents for Valentine’s Day in her class, she was the only girl who would be standing out. They got chocolates and gifts and all she got was to watch. Tsk tsk. Sounds really awful.

Well, let’s just hope Ritwik is able to revive her Valentine spirit back and make her love this day of love and immense happiness. Don’t worry, Neha you never know what big a surprise Ritwik might have planned for you this Valentine. We bet you’ll get plenty of chocolates this year. 😉

When the whole world is anticipating for expressing their love and passion on 14th Feb, Nayha Dhupia seems to be acting as a ‘wet blanket’, by publicly giving statements of how much she hates Valentine’s Day and think the whole concept is ridiculous

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