Najia Anis of Naaj Diamond Jewelery Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself: have you always been fascinated by jewels?

Its very interesting, since i was a child my grandmother had always discouraged me from wearing imitation jewellery as it was look down upon in the family, i grew up with this thought in mind, then my mom was also very interested in jewellery. I am the oldest sibbling among the four and got a lot of attention from the elders, i think fascination of jewellery came to me from the very beginning. Its just couple of years back that i discovered the potential in me and now making the most of it.

Q2: What inspired you to launch your own label NAAJ

It was after making jewellery for friends and family which was very successful as everyone loved it, i decided that i should take this more professionally and bring out my own label.

Q3: Why the name Naaj?

My close friends call me Naaj. When I was launching Naaj in 2008, I deliberated whether I should use my maiden name for launching my brand as is the case with most designers or have a catchy different name. I though Naaj was more catchy and different and that’s how the name took its origin.

Q4: You mainly work with diamonds: what are the challenges of working with diamonds?

First of all we have to make sure about he quality, clarity with colour is the most important aspect kept in mind. then comes the setting, how to give a small piece a bigger and better look is another concern and last but not the least its the polishing that gives the piece a perfect look. So there are many steps to follow before we can give out a perfect piece.

Q5: What trends will we be noticing for Spring-Summer 2012 when it comes to diamond jewellery?

Just plain diamonds gives the most elegant and sophisticated look, this season its the best look.

Q6: If a girl can only afford one piece of jewellery, what would you recommend: a diamond pendant? A diamond ring or a bracelet?

Definitely a ring, a diamond ring always look stunning and is appropriate for daily as well as evening wear. 

Q7: When do you think a piece looks stunning – when it’s just diamonds or when diamonds are set off against other stones?

One cannot compare the two, both have its individuality just diamonds looks as beautiful and stunning as the ones set with stones. it also depends on the designs.

Q8:  Describe the Naaj woman.

Naaj woman is the woman of today! Bold, dynamic, confident, trendy yet elegant and sophisticated.

Its the woman of today who knows how to carry herself the right way on every occasion.

Q9: With the price of gold shooting through the roof, do you feel the market for diamond jewellery is shrinking?

I deal in diamond jewellery so usually gold cost is not the highest cost component in my product. However, I believe that gold is a good saving instrument also and if you see the last few years trend then gold price have continuously gone up increasing the value of the jewellery people had purchased earlier. I thus believe that one should invest in gold and diamonds.Market for diamond jewellery cannot shrink as there will always be weddings, engagements,anniversaries, birthdays and all; jewellery will always be a major component for it.

Q10: What’s the most expensive piece of jewellery you have ever designed?

Mostly bridal sets are one of the most expensive items ranging from 400,000 to Rs.12,00,000.

Q11: Ever made a crown.

Not yet, but i do plan to in near future.

Q12: Which country produces the best diamonds?

South Africa, but they have the unfinished product- Its India where we get the finished product from and is widely used around the world.

Najia Anis of Diamond Jewelery label Naaj speaks to Fashion Central, revealing her love for jewelery designing in an exclusive interview.

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