Nadya Mistry Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Karachi based Pakistani Fashion Designer Nadya Mistry, entered in the field of fashion at the break of the new millennium. Driven with passion and a great fashion enthusiast herself, Nadya Mistry after entering the field, brought along her brilliance and artistic quality to revolutionize the fashion sod.

1. The business cycle is not easy to endure, especially for newcomers. Can you name a Guru who guided you?

I really didn’t have a mentor as such. But my family was surely there for support and guidance.

2. How do you help women in the becoming torch bearers of fashion and style?

The philosophy behind my clothes is that of individuality and confidence. It’s pure fashion- not borrowed, unique and in your face. The woman, who wears my outfits, is sure of herself, is aware of Fashion and has discovered her Style!

3. When you see your dresses looking good on an individual, how do you feel?

Ecstatic of course! There’s no better appreciation for an artist than to see someone adorn their creations. It’s the best feeling in the world and there’s no replacement for that feeling!

4. In case of an unsatisfactory customer, do you accept criticism; ever lose your temper?

I really try to go out of my way for a difficult customer. If the fault is from my end, I will quickly accept and correct it. Some people, however, can never be satisfied.

5. What thrills you?

Creation thrills me. Being able to imagine is a wonderful sensation. I’m a very sensitive person so when I’m misunderstood as an artist and feel the jealousy and insecurity of fellow fashionistas, I get very disheartened. But hey, we live in an unfair world so it’s all part of the package!

6. Pakistan made textiles; do you accept the quality of the cloth?

Our hand and power loom fabrics are exceptional!


1. Your competitors in business, are they a threat?

I’m a very secure person. I don’t really get threatened by anyone. I always say that I compete with myself. I set extremely high standards work-wise and try to outdo myself every time. My parents instilled this quality in me when I was a little girl.

2. Do you like people as team members?

I like people with brains, ideas, opinions and energy!

3. Ever consider changing your line of business?

I enjoy all forms of Art and would surely like to explore other branches of it.

4. Are you training people eager to learn?

Absolutely! I give Art and Design lessons to individual and groups at my studio. I also train interns. I love imparting what I know and love knowing what I don’t!


1. How do you see your work, five years from now?

That’s a tough question. I live day to day. Five years is too far away!

2. The current state of economy, Is it bothering your plans?

Not really! Clothes are always in demand.

3. Pakistan’s image abroad, certainly top designers like you can help to improve it?

Sure. I really feel proud to represent Pakistan internationally. I just wish that the promoters in our country would recognize and be fair to all the designers working here instead of just working with a selected few over and over again. We have limitless talent in Pakistan. But the opportunities are handed out unfairly.

Karachi based Pakistani Fashion Designer Nadya Mistry, entered in the field of fashion at the break of the new millennium.

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