Mehndi on Eid-The gift of Colors from Nature

Mehndi is one of the essential part of eastern women beauty necessities. Mehndi just shows the bright colors of happiness, celebrations and joy. Mehndi is not only associated with Eid its being used in all the events which requires celebrations. Applying Mehndi have different techniques and designs. The combination of red coloured Mehndi hands with beautiful coloured bangles just take ones heart away. in our article today we will discuss the most desirable Mehndi and Especially its usage on Eid.

If you ask a eastern Muslim Women to celebrate Eid without Mehndi then this will be a big bitter experience for her since its almost impossible to celebrate Eid without Mehndi. Eid is the ultimate joyful event for the Muslims. Eid comes right after 30 days of Ramadan.

Women prepare themselves to be very beautiful and attractive on this day and girls are ahead in this regard Mehndi on Eid in not only important part of Muslim women preparation but her custom also. Mehndi designs on Eid are selected days before Eid .There are numerous Mehndi designs for Eid which can be classified in to Arabic ,Persian and Indian Mehndi designs in major .Different Mehndi designs on Eid represents different thoughts and indications adopted by majority of Muslim women like vines and leaves in a Mehndi design shows attraction and fertility.

Dove and peacocks shows love and peace of the mind. Another very interesting convention about Mehndi designs on Eid is finding girl’s soul mate name in the Mehndi design put on the day of Eid. if a girl finds her soul mate name in her Mehndi design she is considered as good wife and if not she’s considered as disobedient partner.Mehndi designs on Eid are difficult to be applied by everyone since it requires good sense of Mehndi design and good knowledge of this art. Pure Mehndi and Emergency cones are Available for applying these Mehndi Designs on Eid. As time passes the use of Mehndi is also modified since now it can be applied as tattoos also.

These tattoos have awesome Mehndi designs for Eid which you can paste on your part of the body which is more visible. Its surprising to tell you that now a days guys also have influence towards applying simple Mehndi designs on their hands or arms on joyful event of Eid .It shows the importance and demand of Mehndi on the day of Eid. Mehndi is just a gift of color from God for women to beautify themselves since a perfect Mehndi design with bright color on the hand along with bangles on the wrist just makes a girl perfect looking on Eid .At the moment most of the girls complain that when they apply Mehndi designs on Eid it don’t take too much dark or bright colors.for solving problems like these lets have a look on some of the Mehndi tips yes these Mehndi tips can give you account of flawless and desirable dark color .

Your Mehndi will take color so bright and dark as long as it is wet … So keep moist your Mehndi on your palm by applying some oil with the help of cotton. You can also achieve the objective by sugar added water another Mehndi tip is about your skin safety don’t use emergency cone Mehndi since it can effect your skin sensitivity. always use natural cone Mehndi with no artificial colors.

We hope our this comprehensive note on the Mehndi designs for Eid can help you in beautifying yourself on the day of Eid not only for you but for the one who loves you. Have a great Mehndi Design On Eid……!

Mehndi is one of the essential part of eastern women beauty necessities.

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