Love Mein Gum

Reema Khan’sLove Mein Gumis all about to be lost in love once you fall in. Earlier entitled as “Kitni Haseen Hai Zindagi”, the movie is an effort to let all youngsters know that how beautiful the life is and how much precious each moment is.

“Love Mein Gum” is filmed in the Azerbaijan city of Baku and in Malaysia. Reema Khan has played a Christian girl named Maria Joseph who is known as Zindagi (life). She works as an assistant librarian in the same college in Kuala Lumpur where she studied. She likes a boy Wilson played by Nabeel Khan whereas he loves her friend Araida. Both Wilson and Araida along their other friends always play pranks on Zindagi making her feeling inferior in the mean world but she still loves Wilson.

Bollywood top comedy star Johny Lever is playing Sukhia and Afzal Khan (Rambo) as Rapphar Singh in the movie. Both of them are colleagues of Zindagi with whom she shares her feelings. Ali Saleem has appeared as Naazi, a friend of Zindagi and a designer boutique owner.

Sukhia, Rapphar Singh and Naazi are the only friends of Zindagi. On the other hand, Ali (Moammar Rana) is the son of a rich business man Haroon (Javaid Sheikh) who has married his young and glamorous secretary Sheza played by Jia Ali. Sheza always seduces her step son Ali and tries to trap him. Ali is never interested in Sheza and takes her as his father’s wife. She plays her evil game to throw Ali out of his home by his father.

Nadeem is playing a doctor who runs a rehabilitation center and cures ill fated people there. He is also the close friend of Haroon. Both Ali and Zindagi commit suicide due to feeling lonely in this vast world and are brought to Dr. Kanwal’s hospital where he treats both of them.

Both Ali and Zindagi met in hospital and there their lives take a good turn. So the story goes on….

“Love Mein Gum” is overall an average film with not very strong story line although with a captivating screen play.  Good music, beautiful locations, top singer voices, good acting skills, costumes and choreography are the only factors making “Love Mein Gum” little bit attractive. The multi starrer title song “Love Mein Gum” sung by Ali Zafar in the very end pleases viewers and makes film to be watched till end.

Reema Khan’s “Love Mein Gum” is all about to be lost in love once you fall in. Earlier entitled as “Kitni Haseen Hai Zindagi”.

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