Interview of Zainab Qayum

Zainab Qayum a.k.a ZQ is one of the most talented female stars of our country.

1. How would you define your current state of mind?

It’s perpetually frazzled. There is a tidal wave of opportunities. There are lots of projects. I am going nuts selecting them and deciding what to do what not to do.

2. What are the projects that you are currently working on?

I am working in Farooq Mengal’s serial Chaand Ke Paar. I have just completed a serial called Dhool. Then I will be off to Dubai for a fashion show soon and then there is the Lux Style Awards, which will be in Dubai again. After that there is a tele-film, which I will be shooting for. So there is a lot of work.

3. You have switched over from modeling to TV. Why?

I have been modeling for 12 years now. I don’t want to boast but this is something I can do in my sleep now. So it was great to experience something new, something different like TV.

4. How easy it is for a model to make it on small screen?

I would say it is rather sad that acting is not a learned craft here. Most of the producers and directors today want to add glamour to their serials and one way to do that is to have models in their plays. But for me the first rule is the realization that I am not a model in front of the TV camera. I have to fit into the character and work hard at it.

5. Out of your current line of work, what is it that you are most excited about?

Well, there is an independent film that is in the offing. This film is by New York-based director Ayesha Imtiaz who has also penned the screenplay. They plan to send it to the Sundance Film Festival and to Cannes. And though I wouldn’t want to divulge further details let me tell you that a very noted personality from Indian film industry has been approached for this film. We will go ahead with the project as soon as we get a green signal from them. I am a believer in a bird at hand is better than a hundred in flight, so I would say that all my current projects are exciting.

6. You have also been nominated for Lux Style Awards.

Yes. LSA is great because it is the only fashion Oscars in the country. Besides who wouldn’t want to get lauded for his or her work and achievements? LSA is like democracy in the sense that it is by fashion people, from fashion people to fashion people.

It’s an official recognition by people from the same field and it’s a great feeling.

7. What next?

I plan to write a novel. I know this is something that I have been talking about for a long time now, but well, I want to do it.
I am almost quarter way through. I feel this is the time to do it, because the tide is in my favor. So I think I will have to take vacation from my work and sit down to write it.                                                                                                                    

(Source: Mag 4

Zainab Qayum (ZQ) is one of the most talented female stars of our country. She is a top model a talented actress and needs no introduction.

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