Fashion Splash With Monsoon Rainwear

Don’t be afraid of rains. They can’t hold you home this monsoon. It’s rather the time to try the most glamorous monsoon trends. Be it a chic monsoon rainwear, a trendy fluorescent umbrella, gumboots, waterproof jewelry with raindrop shaped gems or waterproof makeup!

Monsoon fashion trends 2012 ask for complete attire accessorized with the most suitable jewelry, makeup, shoes and handbags especially designed to suit the monsoon trends and needs. Monsoon instead of creating a halt to activities rather becomes an incentive to go out when you have your monsoon rainwear along with the courage to enjoy the fashion splash with the monsoon trends.

Following are a few recommendations for those who have a spirit for the monsoon fashion trends 2012!

Monsoon Rainwear Collection 2012

Many designers have taken the plunge with their special monsoon rainwear lines including trench coats, raincoats, and special garments to be worn under these raincoats. Wearing a designer monsoon rainwear is no doubt a privilege but, even if one can’t afford to buy a designer piece, it’s not a big deal to design according to the latest monsoon fashion trends 2012.

Monsoon trends for this year ask for bright fluorescent colors like orange, blue, yellow, neon, violet and earthy tones. If you are designing a monsoon rainwear yourself, the best suited fabric can be georgette, crepe, and other light fabrics which can retain a graceful fall when worn underneath a raincoat.

Moreover, such monsoon rainwear can even be worn without raincoats as they have a semi waterproofing effect which prevents them from hugging with the body when wet.

Short dresses, hot pants, capris or even dungarees can add glamour to your look this monsoon. Avoid flowy dresses and jodhpuri trousers.

Monsoon Trends For Shoes And Handbags

When talking about of monsoon fashion trends 2012, gumboots rule this monsoon. Rain Boots, slip-ons, zipper shoes are the best suited option as they complement the monsoon rainwear as well as practically fulfill the need. Handbags must be of some waterproof material. Backpacks are a good option as they look stylish. Colors again need to be bright when talking about monsoon trends.

Makeup and Jewelry

There are several waterproof cosmetic brands producing the best ever quality. Makeup is a necessity as you have to complete your monsoon looks. Electric earrings, waterproof jewelry which doesn’t rust and raindrop shaped gems can complement your monsoon rainwear very well.

When applying makeup, make sure that your eyeliner and mascara necessarily should be waterproof even if the rest of your cosmetics are not.

Monsoon fashion trends 2012 have created a drastic change in the usual monsoon rainwear. People are now daring enough to experiment with their looks and have started celebrating monsoon as a different season. People change their wardrobes accordingly, go out and enjoy a fashion splash by moving around instead of staying home because of rains!

Monsoon is reaching its peak, giving you every reason to go outside in your chicest ever monsoon rainwear. Monsoon fashion trends 2012 are not about dresses alone but so much more!!! Let’s check out!

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