Akshay and ‘Designing Kids’

This collection named ‘Baby Beri’ is secluded in three subdivisions, as Beri Princess, Rock Star Babes, and Bollywood Divas. In the ramp, arranged in New Delhi, 70 kids performed for Ritu Beri kids collection launched by Akshay Kumar.

In this multi-colored and fantastic event, the attempt is to display the designs that are fashionable, up-to-the-minute, and comfortable for the kids of every age group. Akshay also gave idea to Ritu, to launch men’s collection as well. 

This event was sponsored by La Femme, and it was dedicated to ‘The Blessed Hearts Foundations’, a charity for children. While the collections for the event was from the Beri’s contribution to the foundation.  

Akshay has disclosed that he had only three pair of clothes, when he was a kid. So, he felt sosatisfactory and pleased looking kids in such a well dressed way. He also donated an undisclosed amount for this noble cause.

The main sprit of Akshay is to bring the youthfulness and happiness of kids.



Bollywood's hot favorite, Akshay launches Ritu Berri's colorful collection for children.

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