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The world is running very fast and we also have to run fast to accomplish our various tasks of life. Life has become busy and it seems very difficult to give ourselves a break for relaxation. The continuous working and lack of rest can affect our physical and mental health as well.

Females are very conscious about their beauty and physical health which is natural. For house wives though, it is difficult to take time out from their hectic schedule and go to a saloon for their beauty care. Some of them are also unable to go for a spa treatment at a day spa. But it doesn’t mean that they are not conscious about their beauty. They make home spa in the luxury of their indoors in order to take care of their facial beauty and physical relaxation.

They usually prefer home spa tips rather than going to a day spa. Proper diet and exercise are the essential components to maintain the spa effect. We pretty much encourage the notion and provide women with more home spa tips to doll up their natural beauty.

Following are some home spa tips and ideas that can help the home queens maintain their beauty.

  • Face is the most prominent part of the body. It is the face that attracts someone towards you so your face should be free of marks and wrinkles and be shiny at the same time. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles under your eyes that can ruin your eyes’ beauty. Cucumber slices are the best solution for this problem. All you need to do is just take a cold cucumber and put slices on your eyes for 20 to 25 minutes and relax. It will help you to get rid of the dark circles. The tiredness and dust on face can be removed by proper cleansing with any cleansing milk available at home. After cleansing wash your face with warm water and apply mask according to your skin type. Papaya mask is best for oily skin, mud mask is good for normal skin and honey mask is good for dry skin.

  • A warm bath is very essential for the relaxation of the body. It is better to take bath with warm water before going to bed. It will also help you to sleep better. After bath it would be better to apply moisturizing lotion on the body.

  • When we are talking about beauty of a woman, how can we forget hair? Hair is half of the beauty of any woman. Oiling always comes first while talking about the health of hair. Proper oiling at least twice a week can make your hair stronger and shiny. Conditioners after bath can make your hair smooth.

  • Hands are also an important body part whose softness is very vital to add to your beauty. Apply lemon on your hands to make them soft and wash them three times a day with warm water. Apply moisturizing lotion to make them soft.

These are some spa tips which can make you look beautiful forever.

Some home spa (dessi totkay) that are easily accessible and can be used by anyone.

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