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The Yaxkin spa has late been the natural cleansing ritual performed in ancient time and that practice has been renewed by the renowned resort in the middle jungle garden of Hacienda Chichen Resort which is located in Mexico a little far away from the Maya temples known for its historical significance in Chichen Itza.

People around the world specially visit the Hacienda Chichen Resort to experience the Maya ritual and ceremonial healing art which calms your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional sight because of the spa care and wellness treatment they provide you and make you relax. Moreover this spa is so in demand because of the involvement of natural organic ingredients extracted from the nature.

Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa Chichen Itza provides the bay sitting services, have outdoor pools, parking facility, laundry services, the gift shop, entertainment facilities including TV, rooms are beautifully decorated, cafes, restraunts, conditioners, iron, internet services, conferences rooms etc.The famous Chichen Itza International Airport is just a 25 – 30 minutes’ drive from the Hacienda Chichen Resort.

The Yaxkin spa make use of honey, aloe Vera, mud, spirulina, flowers, fruits, cacao etc which act as a cleansing agent on one’s body . The spa treatment includes the clay masks, sisal rubs, sea salt rubs, other organic nutrients, organic kakaw, and sponge baths in revitalizing person’s mental and physical state and calms the frame of mind.These mixture of ingredients or even applied solely deeply relaxes the muscles, tissues, pores and smooth skin.

Hacienda Chichen Resort “Mayan Holistic Center” adds as much as advantages in your healthy life as much you want. Well the new vacation packages are lower in prices and the product treatment offering is well suited to prospects requirement. The Mayan healing arts holds importance because they communicate that prayer is the most powerful tool in relaxing mind and soul.

The literal meaning of Mayanis “to create energy between the physical and spiritual world". The Yaxkin rituals major focus is on creating the internalizing effect to help in reducing stress and depression. In the spa ritual they say that water hold importance to health and creates balance and thus the blessed water purify your innate energy.

Furthermore the Mayan healers says that fire is a sign of hope, light, and energy and the sacred copal needs to be harvested in presence of full moon, then burned to aid one from the cleansing, healing and creating balance. The Mayan clays, mud’s, medicines, stones, gems, wood, trees leaves, honey they all help in maintain the spiritual connection.

It’s all about the Mother Nature and love for earth. The air, sound, conveys the vibrations. To ones ear and heal the mental stress and trauma. The climatic and temperature change as it determines the low of energy levels on part of Maya healers. Whereas the hot weather can cause pains in bones and effects the body parts thus creates the misbalances.

Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa Chichen Itza go side by side in facilitating their customers.

There are a lot of wellness destinations around the globe which introduces the best spa, which is eco-friendly and is provided at the best spa resorts. The Yaxkin spa is a healing art therapy to heal one’s body

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