Winters and Your Oily Skin..!

Oily skin is beneficial since it have more resistance to aging effects but same oily skin can turn in to nightmare in winter where you can’t apply ordinary moisturizing products. Oily skin in application of ordinary make up or moisturizing products do not work well since it clogs the pores which is already on higher risk of being blocked in oily skin. You need to take some extra measures to take good care of your oily skin in winters.

Before going out in winters, apply oil like jojoba and Almond. This type of moisturizing tonic is ideal for your oily skin. They are quickly absorbed and clog no pores. With application of light weigh jojoba and almond oil you will have moisturized skin with no clogged pores hence no pimples at all.

Using Vaseline creams is another way of pampering your oily skin in winters. Vaseline is another medium of light weigh moisturizing. It can’t stay on your skin all the day but its fat nutrients can provide your oily skin the necessary fat and it feels light and happy. Vaseline cream can be applied while going out or frequently many times as you feel.

Sunscreen application is another winter beauty tip for oily skin. Sunscreen is needed in both summer and winter seasons. Purchase a good brand of sunscreen having low moisturizing ingredients .The sunscreen should be of SPF-15.This application of sunscreen can save your oily skin from winter sun which have more damaging effects then the summer one.

You may find some marks, dead skin over the chicks and areas below your eye lids having oily skin. You remove it very easily. After taking shower when your skin is really soft just apply your regular moisturizer and leave it for 5 minutes. After that you can apply it once again. Now wipe off the cream with tissue paper and concentrate more on removing the dead skin visible. You will definitely feel a good change after it.

Oily skin is little tricky you have to customize the above winter skin care tips for your oily skin. We hope you will succeed in doing so. Happy winters!!

Harsh cold winds in winter are the factor which damages one's skin so badly and if it's oily then it's on higher risk. Let's know few of the tips and trick of protecting your oily skin in winters.

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