Winter Dark Dresses Demand Winter Makeup

Since winter is all about dark colors, all the ladies get alert and apply makeup accordingly. Summers in Pakistan are humid and harsh so the less makeup is more. But with the dark colors makeup has to be accordingly, my style of winter makeup this season is simple and easy to carry.

A nice eye shade applied on the base at the upper eye lid; make sure the eye shade complements the color of your dress as well as your skin tone. After your have applied the eyeshade, use black eyeshade or a dark shade to make the edges of the eye lid so that the eye shape is prominent now. After you have applied the eye shade, apply the right amount of eyeliner with the tip of the eyeliner at the outer corner of the eye to be slightly upwards so that the eyes give a more dramatic and classy effect.

Make sure that for afternoon lunches or morning brunches you use a light shade of eye shade and your makeup has a natural look, you don’t want people to scream out loud that this lady doesn’t know how to apply winter makeup.

Pakistani winter makeup trend is no different from any other winter makeup trend in the world. Pakistan has as extreme winter season as it is in anywhere else in the world. The light makeup is more even in the winters; the Pakistani winter makeup trend of applying tones of makeup is gone, now all the ladies need for a neat daily look is nice blusher, a lip gloss and well done eyeliner on the upper lid.

When your eyes are done properly with dark shades then you need to let go of the bright colored lip glosses and if your lips have a bright color then you need to let go of the dark eye shades. So make sure you have the right amount of winter makeup to enhance your appropriate features and look beautiful.

The color of the dress you wear demand the color of the makeup you apply, all you need is to know when, where and how to apply what kind of makeup.

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