What Not to Wear!

When it comes to fashion, many women get lost along the way somewhere. It may be a busy work schedule, children sucking the energy out of you, denial of not being in your early twenties anymore or just not being able to realize what looks best on you. We all go through phases and we have all had our share of fashion faux pas. However, for some people the fashion mistakes don’t pass by as a phase but become a permanent feature and that’s when the panic button needs to be hit!

Know Thy Body Type:

The girl you saw at the wedding last night looked fabulous and you could hardly wait to wear that ensemble. You want to look as gorgeous as her and the very next morning you are geared up to go on a hunting spree to get the exact same fabric and can’t wait to get that outfit stitched the same fashion. Before you head out, please PAUSE. Now hit the REWIND button and recall. Did the girl have the same height, bone structure, complexion and weight like yours’? If not, then it’s not necessary that the same outfit and style will flatter you too. This is a very common fashion mistake that most women indulge in. By seeing someone chic and getting inspired by their look, they want to blindly copy that look, without realizing that the same style may not enhance their attributes.

Knowing your body type is a fashion must. “Finding clothes that fit your body will dramatically change how fabulous you look” says Dawn Del Russo, beauty and fashion guru featured in InStyle, Elle and Life & Style. Knowing your body type, the styles that flatter it and the fashion trends that work for you make all the difference when dressing elegantly for your shape. With knowing your body type comes embracing your curves, wearing clothes that accentuate your best features and loving your body that much more.

Know Thy Age:

Growing up means our clothes change as well. The sooner we realize that, the better it is! Wearing the same styles and designs which girls your daughter’s age are wearing may not be a very good idea, though exceptions are always there for women who miraculously have discovered the elixir for life. Each stage of life has its own beauty. With growing old comes elegance and grace. Why not honor that and embrace it?

Similarly, young girls who should be exuding energy and liveliness when dress in cuts and colors that are more befitting for the elderly may not necessarily look mature but also kind of drab. As I said exceptions are always there! Older women can still look vivacious and younger girls can still look sober by following trends more aligned with their age. Not every trend works for every age group!

Know Thy Self:

And Last but not the least……Trust your own instincts and judgment. We all have mirrors. Don’t shy away from them and spend some time in front of the mirror evaluating your body. Only you can honestly and earnestly be your best critic because no matter how awesome and sincere your friends are, they consciously or subconsciously will be reluctant to answer truthfully how you actually look when you ask them: “Do I look fine”? The answer: “You look awesome babe” many not always be the whole truth. The fact that you had to ask that question itself indicates that somewhere in your mind the seedlings of doubt exist and there is something amiss! Spend time analyzing yourself and soon your body may be your new best friend!

By: Sehyr Anis

Happy Dressing Up Ladies!

There are several factors that need to be taken into account when you choose an outfit. You need to understand - you are wearing the outfit, outfit is not wearing you!

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