What Does Your Shoes Say About You

1.    Stilettos as a Weapon

The love for shoes like stilettos is all about gaining the maximum attention. Such people are extraordinary in their own way if they manage to carry these shoes well. Such people who wear stilettos as weapon are impulsive and spoilt too but they can get their way out of things. A stiletto as weapon wearing habit confirms a person’s confidence about themselves with added glamor. Don’t forget many people might take you as a lousy and shallow Peron.

2.    Flats for Comfort

Flats for comfort are the first love of every girl. Girls often see their moms and elder women wearing heels so they find their comfort zone with flats for comfort. Flats depict a friendly and sweet personality of an individual. It shows some resistance towards bigger changes, for instance, moving towards wedges as a new type of shoes category. Flats for comfort are worn by women who like to wear new clothes regularly and they are viewed by other men as a fragile person.

3.    Biker-Style Queen

Biker-Style queen, as these shoes are worn by the reserved and a bit of egocentric girls out there. You are a do it yourself kind of a person because biker-style queen makes you not to trust anyone but yourself at all times. These shoes are worn by the girls who are smart and sensitive and are particular about their relations with other people. These girls don’t tolerate rudeness and inappropriate behavior of other people.

4.    Dandy Girl

Dandy girl shoes are worn by those women who belong from the group who are undemonstrative and tend to hide their feelings. These girls are good at hiding the flames of their souls inside by carrying these dandy girl shoes. The loafers and oxford shoes are the most preferred by them. These girls try hard to achieve their goals without considering their circumstances.

5.    Comfortable

Women who wear comfortable shoes are those who wear wedges as they are confident, straightforward and love the power given to them. Decision-making is not their trait so in relations, they rely on the other person in terms of trust.

6.    Tomboy

Last, but not the least, there are women and many girls who go for the shoes like tomboy shoes. Many girls who have sporty footwear and are social and creative tend to wear these tomboy shoes. These girls prefer travelling a lot and do not like to get bound at home. They like changes as they are adventurous. Love and respect are the two traits of these girls who wear tomboy shoes.

Many people say that clothes are the most important factor for first impressions which reflects a person's mood at that moment and gives a general idea about their personality as well. Does anyone ever realize that shoes speak volume about a person's

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