Trendy Outfit for Young Girls

What to wear? Is probably the question us girls ask almost every day, we spend at least ten minutes to decide what to wear. When you are getting ready for college and running late here are some tips and ideas that you can follow. Make sure that you do not repeat your wardrobe until you’ve worn all your outfits. College means an entire day of walking and working so your clothes should be comfortable.

Jeans was supposed to be the most comfortable but with the trend of tights, tights can be an alternative to jeans. For a comfortable outfit you need a Kurta to wear with those tights. Get lots of Kurta’s stitched or there is also a wide range available in the market. Wear bangles as accessories and a colorful bag preferably those Khaadi ones which are inspired by the famous truck art. Instead of sandals try the ethnic khusa’s which are readily available and are the most comfortable to walk the entire day. Also these khusa’s protect your feet from dirt.

Trendy outfits are how you wear your wardrobe. You can almost make everything trendy with the right combinations of things that you wear together. Long necklaces are in fashion, get a silver long chain and get some pendants from the Afghan shop keepers who have beautiful pendants and jewelry with stones. It is always necessary to decorate your outfit with ornaments and the best one is jewelry.

This can be your perfect outfit for college; you can keep altering it by wearing jeans instead of tights and different colored stoles. Girls for college the most important thing is to have a comfortable outfit but at the same time it should be trendy and don’t forget to keep on rotating your outfits, this way you will not get bored of your wardrobe.  Be as innovative as you can, this is your age to try out new trends and create your own outfits.

This article is for college going girls who have to wake up every morning and stand in front of their closet to decide what to wear. Here are some ideas for them how to dress up and look different every day.

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