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Shoe trends this spring are sexy, feminine, and fun. Shoe fashion changes quickly because shoes are a broad canvas one can play on. Almost any kind of material or accessory can be used in making a shoe, so new styles are constantly being created. Printed fabric shoes are one of the hottest trends this season. Look for ultra-feminine floral, bright geometric patterns, and embroidered handicraft style shoes.

Square toes, crocodile skin, triple-buckles, and bohemian fringing shoes are just some of the things you might not have been expecting to come back into trend so soon and yet here they are. Stilettos are back. Well, it’s not that they ever went anywhere – but they’re once again dominating the runways, and that is to say that the chunky-heels revolution is (for the most part) over. Another shoe trend is a classic 80s comeback–the ankle bootie. A little less than a regular ankle boot, ankle booties usually just graze the top of the ankle bone and feature high heels.

Among the latest shoe trends are flip-flop sandals that are precisely more of informal footwear than official. They are commonly manufactured from materials such as foam, vinyl, rubber and other kinds of materials and some are flat or with block heels.

Studded boots are popular for fall and that trend will carry well into summer with studded shoes and sandals. Look for shoes embellished with metal studs, big buckles and shiny zippers.

Shoe fashion trend changes quickly, partly because shoes are so versatile.

Shoe fashion trend changes quickly, partly because shoes are so versatile.

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