Top Formal Valentine’s Day Dresses You Should Know

Women, in their usual routine buy countless dresses almost every month or in every other season. However, on a new occasion she definitely has no clothing to wear, because new occasion means a new dress. The upcoming hot occasion in the month of February is Valentine’s Day, and girls are out for shopping.

As, this is a special occasion celebrated with great enthusiasm by most of the teenagers, in Pakistan as well as worldwide, in order to show the affectionate bond between all relations made by God, specially the husband and wife’s relation. So, here is a little advice for Valentine’s Day special, that how to appear stunning, gorgeous and absolutely breath taking.

The outfits available in the market are of several shades and cuts, but you need to decide what will suit your body and shape. If you are a bit bulky, then do not wear the flowy dresses as this will make you look fat, although you can opt for the dresses which fit your body well, and are not much spread out. Let’s check out what is available in the market for a perfect girly valentine expression.

Tights with Tops

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Red is a shade of love, and every other girl wants to buy red for this special day. However, the overall red look may weaken your beauty which is natural. So, try to pick such colors and cuts which can enhance your aura.

Black or grey tights with a simple pure red top will be decent for the college going girls, though red tops with a touch of silver will make it party going, for further embellishment you can wear a vibrant colored scarf or to make it more decent go for white or silver ones.

Flowy Dresses / Maxi with High Neck

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Girls definitely want elegance in everything they wear, and white, black or red flowy cuts can be the other name for elegance with a suitable shade of red scarf. Nowadays, such maxis and frocks are in vogue which have high neck with no sleeves, although several beautiful types of sleeves are also available in the market such as cut work or simple chiffon sleeves.

Similarly, if you think the outfit is simple and you desire to make it a bit overwhelming then you can play with the beads, buttons, laces and stones. Thus, you can be your own designers for this valentine.

Skirt Blouse – Pleasure to Grab

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Skirts have always been a part of formal attire in Pakistan, whether you have seen girls wearing them over the beaches, picnic parties or any sport galas. However, this valentine you can choose a graceful skirt with a perfect matching blouse, color combination can be red skirt with white or black top or vice versa, else numerous shades of pink are also in fashion for instance girls prefer pinks for a girly appearance rather than reds, then you can have an ideal combination of off white skirt with a shocking pink top, having puffy shoulders, and full sleeves with cuffs, and you are ready to go.


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The most beautiful attire over this Valentine’s Day can be a sari. Sari is usually the most favorite outfit for married ladies, giving a perfect formal look. A simple red chiffon sari wrapped around you can give you a splendid and delicate look, like a bottle of Champagne.

Likewise, the shades of sari can vary on your choice, such as pinks with a touch of silver glitter or black sari with a gold or silver trace of shimmer can be ideal.  Hence, if you are having a dinner with the most exceptional person on this Earth that is your ‘valentine’, then surprise him by the most attractive dress up.

So, get ready for this valentine, and choose the best clothing for this superior day, play with shades of pink, red, white and black chiffon and silks, along with the decent beads, stones, laces and tussles, try different lively scarves and have a dazzling evening with your family, friends, or the one and only your Valentine.

14 February, top valentine dressing ideas. Wear perfect outfit to look best!

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