Tips To Have Strong And Healthy Nails

Summer nail care includes a sense of concern both for men and women. Sometimes nails grow weak and unhealthy that causes brittleness and flaky texture. To get strong and healthy nails, grab some useful summer nail care tips and make them attractive and beautiful.

To get strong nails, first it’s important to make them healthy and to get healthy nails, try on some home remedies.

Injured Nails:

Sometimes nails get injured due to a sudden strike with wall or something hard. The most suffering are feet nails. In case of any injury, quickly apply ice, trim the detached nail and tape it into place.

Splitting Nails:

Some people have very delicate cuticle that gets damaged due to excessive use of soap and hand washing liquid. It causes nails to split and pain. The other reasons of nails splitting is nails biting and using nails as tools for some tasks.

In such condition, avoid too much washing of hands and get rid of nails biting habit by keeping them trimmed every time.

Discoloration of Nails:

Sometimes the pink nail plate gets discolored due to handling chemicals or hair dyes with hands. Low quality nail polish and remover also do so.

To get strong and healthy nails and to avoid discoloration, always put on high quality nail polish and use good removers. It’s good to massage your nails with olive oils once a week. It adds shine and strength to your nails.

Nails With Fungal Infections:

Nails fungal infection like tinea involves finger nails and toe nails. The reason may be ill fitting shoes or exposure to water. Wet hands and feet have grown fungal infections. One of the tips to get strong and healthy nails is to take care of personal hygiene. Always use gloves for wet jobs and wear lose shoes at toe.

Tips to get strong and healthy nails:

  • Use petroleum jelly around nails and massage smoothly
  • Wear gloves for household tasks
  • Trim nails regularly
  • Properly dry your hands and feet after washing
  • Go for manicure and pedicure regularly
  • Avoid too much nail polishing with low quality products    

Food To Get Strong And Healthy Nails:

  • In summer, the major concern is the loss of essential salts from body along with sweating. So keep yourself hydrated as much as you can.
  • Consume juices and milk regularly.
  • Tomato, carrot, leafy green vegetables, nuts, peas, and beans are good for nails health in summer. These include vitamin B that is good source of making nails stronger.
  • Dairy products, eggs, and red meat provide Zinc and Iron to nails to make them healthier and strong.
  • Healthy Nails need Calcium and Protein. Milk and soy is good source of it.
  • Eat fresh fruits like mangoes, grapefruit, watermelon, oranges, and strawberries. They add Vitamin A and Vitamin C in nails health making them stronger and shiny.

Nails suffer numerous problems during summer. Hot and humid weather makes nails weak and unhealthy. To get strong, beautiful and healthy nails, stick on to some nail care tips and enhance the beauty of your hands.

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