5 Top Tips To Make Your Expensive Makeup Last Longer

Makeup is expensive. Beauty products cost more than some of us can afford. There are pressed powders, exquisite highlighters, and matte lipsticks that we have to routinely save for, because they can cost as much as a week’s rent. So when you do invest, you want to make sure that those products go as far as possible.

Here are our top makeup hacks to make your beauty products last longer.

5 Best Ways To Make Makeup Last

Get the most for your money when you use these top tips for expensive makeup products.

1 – Fix What’s Broken

There’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on a designer hand mirror, powder puff, or brush set, only to have them crack. Broken tools defeat the purpose of buying designer goods – but don’t panic. There is a way you can mend the damage so that your broken products look good as new.

2 – Last in the Tube

Did you know that the way most foundation and concealer bottles work is by pump action? This means that there is usually a whole bunch of makeup left in there, even when you can’t pump anymore out. If your tube is plastic – great! Cut it open and get the last of your product. If it’s glass – no worries. You can use the pump as a scoop if you unscrew the cap.

3 – Fixer’s your Friend

Just like a good primer, a good fixer can stretch the ability of your makeup. It can also save you some cash. When you put your makeup on before a day of work or a night of partying, be sure to use fixing spray. This limits the need for reapplication throughout the night – and stops your lipstick smudging every glass you drink from, to boot.

4 – Great Skincare

You will use a lot less product if you have a good skincare regime and you stick to it. If you have clear enough skin all that is needed is a blend of primer and moisturiser and you can look fresh faced and fantastic. Since foundation and concealer is a huge expense for half of us, this tip saves big bucks.

5 – Go Waterproof

Where you can, using a waterproof version of your beauty product will make it longer lasting. Things like mascara, eyeliners, creams, and tans, all ought to be waterproof to seal in the makeup. Nobody wants panda eyes after a light summer rain… Avoid this with waterproof makeup or spend money for repeated applications.

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