Tips For Winter Eye Makeup

It’s time for you to stand out on those winter glamorous parties. You can do this by focusing on special winter eye makeup. Do not hesitate for anything that you haven’t considered before. You really don’t have to make use of any complex techniques while using colors for winter eye makeup.

Don’t be deceived and you can light up any gloomy room in winter by your exquisite eye makeup. Remember the difficulty level of doing the eye makeup will be moderate enough. The instructions on the eye makeup are as follows:

You need to make some essentials for you’re a respectable eye makeup in winter.

  • A foundation matching your skin tone
  • Eye makeup primer
  • A brown pencil/liner or even powder
  • Glitter eye pencil
  • Black/brown mascara
  • Eye lash curler
  • Black/brown liquid eye liner
  • False eyelashes (optional)

To begin with the eye makeup, you need to apply foundation and eye makeup primer on the already cleaned, dry and oil-free eye lids. Next, define your eyebrows properly for winter eye makeup. Since you are not going to make a lot of use of color at this stage, a fine eyebrow is essential to give a pretty overall effect to the eye makeup. Fill in sparse areas and remove unnecessary hair form your brows with the help of a powder or a brow pencil.

Apply a creamy glitter pencil on your eyes smoothly of silver color if the complexion is fair or golden for comparatively darker complexions over the eye lids from the lash line to past the wrinkles. Make the glitter even over the eye shape with gently tapping it all over. Get hold of a pencil with flecks that give a fine look for a winter eye makeup. Finally, run the pencil over the lower lash line to get it a defined look.

The next step for winter eye makeup is to define the top lash lines. This can be done in a possible two ways. Women of age prefer using black liquid eyeliner to give a classic touch of glamour on the winter parties. Teenage girls usually prefer glitter liquid eyeliner which will go with the color of their lids. But do consider the density of your product. The distinction between the lash line and the rest of the eye will then be clear enough.

Finally, the optional part is the curling of the eye lashes. This will only enhance your eye makeup in winter. You can apply mascara be it black or brown in color to put on the false eye lashes. The tip is to apply a few coats of mascara before trying to merge the false eye lashes with your very own lashes.

Are you already dreading the winter blues? Do you want to make your winter glitzy and happy with makeup? Try out sparkling and prominent winter eye makeup.

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