The Last Detail to the Bridal Beauty Plan- The Nails

Finger nails and toe nails are a very important part of increasing your beauty. But sometimes making arrangements of everything, your nails may get over looked. So bride must take out time to take care of their nails and pamper them as they deserve the love and care.

On the wedding day bridal hands are the centre of attention of everybody as they are eager to see the jewellery, mehndi on the hands and also signing the document at the time of Nikah. This is why brides must take extra attention to their nails for the big day.

To make sure everything go as desired professional help is recommended however if proper care and attention is provided at home the nails can be stronger and healthier.

In Pakistan, we always follow a very elegant and traditional style for our wedding day where Farshi Lehngas, Shararas and Gharars are really in vogue these days. For wedding day hot red color is the first preference of every girl as their bridal dress with intricate detail on it. So nail color must be according to that. On mehndi function, brides go simpler; therefore clean manicured hands looks really beautiful.

Following are some of the types which will help you indentify yours and you can take care of your nails according to that and keep them in a great shape for their wedding.

  • Normal Nails: This is the best nail type as they are easy to handle, they are pink, healthy and grows easily. However with much care and protection like applying hand cream and avoiding chemicals and harmful detergents will help you retain them.
  • Soft Nails: These nails grow slowly, health wise weak and tend to bend easily without much effort. Health can be improved by applying nail hardeners and by putting on gloves while doing household chores that directly the contact with water like dishwashing and laundry.
  • Hard Nails: Such nails are easily identifiable by pressing your thumb on them and they will feel moisture less. The health of these nails can be improved by applying moisturizers and vitamin-E lotions. Nails normally get dry after excessive use of nail polish which hinders the oxygen to get to your nails and while wiping off the nail polish it also evaporates the natural moisture. Permanent use of nail polish must be avoided and to conceal the paleness the transparent coat of nail polish will not just help your nails from chipping off but also hide the flaws.
  • Damaged Nails: Nobody wants flaky and broken nails so to avoid all this; you must keep your nails moisturized and well-hydrated.

To keep your nails in a shape you must have two tools to keep those in perfect shape i.e. nail clipper, the nail file. However there a lot of kits available in the market which have numerous tools from nail file to nail buffer and different kind of clippers. Bride can buy those kits to take with them on their wedding and it’ll be their best friends at honeymoon days. There are four main types of shapes, round, square, oval and pointed which works best with your nail anatomy.

Maintaining healthy nails is very much admirable for you as they make your hands and feet presentable for the wedding day for the bride and also the honey moon period as pretty nails are not just polished with nail color but also the natural, filed and pink healthy nails have their own beauty.

Finger nails and toe nails are a very important part of increasing your beauty. But sometimes making arrangements of everything, your nails may get over looked.

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