The Art of Contouring

It’s the age of DIY and everyone’s becoming a bit more of a beauty expert these days. This is great news as pro techniques are now available to everyone, which means we can all look Instagram-ready at every opportunity.

Contouring, a technique previously reserved for runway models and fancy photo shoots, has now become part of many girls’ daily routines. What is it, exactly? Simply put, ‘contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup’. It’s not supposed to be noticeable but be a subtle definition.

So in addition to the video tutorial with Raana Khan below; here are a few steps that are sure to help you master contouring in 10 minutes.

1. Keep it light in the center, and shadowy at the edges

The basic concept is that the middle of your face—forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones, under eyes, etc—should be lighter because it’ll make your face look more angular and bright.

2. Technique makes a huge difference

Get two foundations shades, one a shade lighter than your skin tone and one a shade deeper. Dot the lighter shade across the middle of your face, then dab the deeper one around that as a kind of "frame" and add subtle stripes of it down the sides of your nose and in the hollows of your cheeks. Blend it all out.

3. Don’t combine different product textures

Pick a single bronzer/highlighter/foundation texture and stick to it.

4. Remember Your Shapes

Face-Framing 3s: Your deeper shade or bronzer gets brushed from forehead to jaw in a ‘3’ that follows your hairline and dips in under your cheekbones.

Eye-Brightening Cs: Take your light shade or highlighter and create a crescent that goes from the center of your brow bone (right above the middle of your iris) to the same point just beneath your eye socket.

Connect-Four Cheekbones: Take your light shade/highlighter and put a tiny dot on the tip of each finger, then pat your cheekbones from eye socket to cheek hollows so that you have four columns of dots. Blend out and up towards your temples.

Under-cheek teardrops: Create a long, skinny tear shape in the hollows under your cheekbones, where you could draw a straight line down from the center of your eye to the "point", and the rounded part is right across from your ear canal.

5. Keep in mind that all this is subjective

There’s no one way to do it right, so as long as you keep the general idea of creating highlights and shadows in mind, you’ll be just fine. It’s only makeup, after all.

Makeup School Episode 3 by fashioncentralpk



So in addition to the video tutorial with Raana Khan below; here are a few steps that are sure to help you master contouring in 10 minutes.

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