Take Care of 5 Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

The touch of cosmetics is rewarding from the angle of beauty but side effects are there that we need to be cautious about. Every action has a cost and we should not expect results without bearing financial outlay. An example that can be given here is of mop hair.

If you want them to become silky straight, the option available is chemical hair rebonding. Whether it is safe, it needs a technical review. What has to be kept in mind is that every hair treatment is accompanied by its share of disadvantages.

Hair rebonding results in silky shiny hair but then the drawbacks have also to be taken note of. And five of the drawbacks are

1. Weak and Sensitive hair are the result

After rebonding hair pulling with comb will not be possible. It will even not be possible to make a pony. So you will have to be content with no styling.

2. Scalp will be Damaged

The heat used to set the hair straight causes scalp damage. Scalp can also get burnt. And chemicals have their own negative effect.

3. The Touch Ups Required become frequent

At least within the six months after the treatment, you’ll be required to go for a touch up. Frequent visits to the salon will be a usual affair.

4. Hair Loss has to be taken care of

Toxic chemicals result in hair fall and hair become weak and at times even a mild pull can draw your hair strand out of its roots.

5. The friz will be a part of the hair

A lot of care is required to prevent the friz from taking over. To avoid this the set of instructions given by the salon expert have to be followed..

Check out the side effects that you may experience from this hair rebonding.

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