Surprising Home Remedies for Acne in Winter

We are at the center of winter (in many parts of the globe) and when you’ve acne, you must keep in mind that the acne can gain in intensity during winter. And in case you have never had acne and notice the first sign of pimples on your face, it is time to take measures for prevention and their spread.

The acne will definitely spice up throughout the winter months, for those who have light acne in summer. So there is nothing to hide them since the summertime bronze is fully gone likewise your scarred tissues will become much more obvious.

Action has to be taken before any kind of panic sets in. what you need to know is important so that you can take steps on your own to keep your skin clear of acne scars.

What is the relationship between winter and acne?

When winter sets in, you mostly restrict yourself to the indoors Environment. This means that exposure to dry air is a bit too much. And when we go out the cold is biting and this means that there is a sudden change in temperature. This variable adversely affects your skin and its suffers. Interestingly the skin represents the first part of yourself which is influenced and affects by the changes in temperature.

Here are a few established tips and acne cures that you can use immediately from the home’s convenience that will help you go through the winter unharmed.

Make sure that there is a vaporizer in your bedroom. As a result of this the dry air will become slightly moisturized and another advice is that a humidifier can be used for improved results. In older days when these gadgets were not available, there would be dependence on a bowl of water in the room which kept the air moist and proved really helpful.

There is a need to keep the windows open for about 10 to 15 mins every morning. This practice will enable mixing the air a little. The precautions that needs to be taken that you must have an extra blouse or a robe on yourself so that there is no chance of catching a cold. No doubt some peoples are more sensitive than others and so they have to take extra precautions.

Drinking water is important because it is necessary that you keep yourself hydrated. What has to be kept in mind that in winter months you do not feel thirsty hence less water is taken. Ensure that you take at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Take care about change of skin cleanser. Different types of skin cleansers are available to meet different types of weather conditions. In the winter months stick to mild cleansers and it is recommended that you can make use of cleansers like dove or Neutrogena.

The above tips can prove very useful during winter and will help to give your face a clear and shiny look.

winter skin care tips to prevent acne breakouts from dry and cold winter.

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