Smooth Shaving Tips Every Woman Should Know!

There are some ways in which you can achieve the silken feeling of your skin. Here are some of the top shaving tips that can help you achieve the smoother look.

In such cases, shaving the excess hair is the only solution. However, achieving the hairless look of the body parts can be quite a challenging task. Most of us do not get the smoother results in one shot. If you are wondering about the secret to shaving smoothly and flawlessly, then we have unveiled some golden rules for you. Lets explore some smooth shaving tips that you can implement at home and achieve the desired results.

1. Exfoliate First

You should not go for dry shaving as that can tend to have more cuts and bruises. It is, therefore, essential to go for exfoliation first that can help in the lifting of the hair strands. This ensures smoother and easier shaving of the unwanted hair on any part of the body. To top it all, exfoliation can also result in the removal of the dead skin cells.

2. Buy Fresh Razor

Have you not changed your razor for quite a long time now? This could be another top reason for the improper shaving. It is imperative to change the razor blades quite often.  old and used razors have uneven sharpness. The skin experts claim that for better shaving experience, you must buy a fresh razor after three uses to the maximum. You must remember to dispose of the old and worn-out blades of the razor quite often. If possible, you can opt for changing the complete razor itself.

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3. Shave Downwards and Then Upwards

Another great technique to achieve smoother shaving is by shaving downwards first and then taking the stroke upwards. However, most of us tend to plunge into the bathtub or under the shower and shave our body parts in the upward direction. This technique would work fine for those who do not have sensitive skin. For those with a sensitive skin, must follow the downward-upward rule of shaving. However, you must ensure the process with care and attention to detail to avoid any random cuts.

4. Use Cool Water

There are several reasons to love a warm relaxing bath. However, while shaving, you can cool down the temperature of the water a bit to achieve better results. With hot water, the skin tends to get softened. This makes it prone to cuts and bruises. Therefore, you must shave with cool water to get the desired smoothness.

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5. Use Shaving Cream Instead of Soap

Several women out there consider soap as the best base to form the lather for shaving. It is a common disposition to think that soap and water make a great lubricant for making the razor glide across the skin easily. However, this combination might have astringent effects. It might leave the skin dry, patchy, and can be detrimental for those with sensitive skin. Therefore, instead of using soap, you can consider using the shaving creams for women that are available in the market.

6. Stay Away from Men’s Razor

Do not confuse yourself with any common factor between the men’s razor and the women’s razor. It is acceptable to use a man’s shaving gel or cream. However, you must never use a man’s razor. The razors for men are designed to promote better hair growth of the man’s beard. Therefore, if you do not wish to achieve such results (indeed not), then you must go on a shopping spree of women’s razor. There are multiple razors out there in the cosmetic market that are specifically designed for women.

7. Pay Attention to the Direction of Hair Growth

For ensuring a closer and smoother shave, you must, first of all, determine the direction of your hair growth. For instance, on the legs, the hair tends to grow in the downward direction. Therefore, to get the closest and the smoothest results, you must shave in an upwards direction on your leg portion. Similarly, when it comes to the hair in the underarm area, skin experts suggest that women should shave in an upward direction first. This would expose the shaft of hair. After that, the ladies can shave in the opposite direction to get to the roots of the hair strands.

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8. Close Your Pores

The warm water usually tends to open the pores of the skin. This might result in pimples or acnes on the specific skin section. Therefore, after shaving, you must rinse the area thoroughly with warm water to remove all the traces of foam or gel. Then you can rinse the area with cold water to close all the pores. You can also apply a moisturizing cream after drying your skin. This would prevent your skin for getting flaked.

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