Simple Nail Art Tutorials for Short Nails

Do not worry if you are one of those girls who have short nails and cannot think of anything trendy or funky to do with your nails. There is a huge list of easy tutorials online also, we are here to give you the trendiest ideas for your short nails.

Nail art is one of the most stylish thing for this summer season and the best thing about nail art is that you can do so much with your nails if you practice the nail art at home all by yourself.

It is best if you start off by simple nail art designs. Make sure you know what colors to apply and which colors are the best when it comes to teaming them up with other colors. One of the most adored nail art tutorials for short nails is the marble design. It is extremely easy and you can do lots with the marble deigned short nails.

Pick any two colors and follow a marble pattern for all ten nails so that a good symmetry is built. If you are really funky and want to experiment even further, you can change the patterns for all the nails.

nails design

If you are a sporty person, it is great to have something sporty on your nails too. If you play nay game, you can try making the ball used in the game, the theme of your favorite theme, the logo or anything of that sort. This looks extremely good and is one of the cutest ideas when it comes to nail art tutorials for short nails. Not only sports, but if you have any hobby you can pick it up as a theme for your short nails’ art tutorial and start practicing. It will of course be hard and messy at first but we assure you that you will master the art really soon.

pictures of nail art

Another cute and funky idea for simple nail art tutorials for short nails is that you can make internet emojis on the nails. They look adorable and most emoticons (emojis) are not even hard to make on the nails. You can even try out the harder ones and experiment with them when y are not really going out and just want to do something with your nails.

Glittered short nails look really glamorous and if you are planning a night out with friends or want to go out for some evening party or dinner, glittered short nails are a great idea. You can cover one nail on each hand with plain nail polish like some shade of gold or silver and on the rest, you can apply the shade as a base color along with heavy glitter nail polish.

new nail art designs

Do not apply glitter too much as that will hide the base color of your nails also, as the nails are short, too much glitter will not look good.

So, follow these above mentioned stylish tips of simple nail art tutorials for your short nails. Do not worry if the first attempt is not that good as we assure you nail art is something that can be easily done at home without having to spend so much. Try and get you hands on the right nail polishes and embellishments.

nail art at home

Some basic nail art tools will do the trick for you so do not bother wasting money on useless applicators and tools for nail art. You nails are sure to look great once you have mastered the nail art trick.

There is so much to experiment with when it comes to short nails. There are many online tutorials as well as easy tips to make your nails look great.

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