Shoes, the Sign of Elegance and Fashion

Gone are the days when women wear shoes as a necessity and for comfort. Now, it becomes the statement of fashion, style and elegance. Women now put so much time in shoe selection as they just love their shoes and most of them want separate ones for every occasion.

With the rise and awareness towards fashion, the shoes are not a necessity any more. Now it becomes the symbol of style and elegance. Women especially are too much conscious about their style, fashion and appearance. They are too much keen towards their dress, shoes and other fashion accessories.

Selection of shoes which best suits to your body shape and choice is some time becomes too much hectic job. But don’t you have to worry. The market for women’s shoes has seen significant rise over the years. With growing emphasis being put on the fashion aspect, the price range starts from the affordable to extremely expensive. Other than the cost factor, the shoes range from being functional to the ultra glamorous. You just need to select the right market, right brand and the right shoes which suits best to your body shape as well as your style statement.

Even though the market is full with all kinds of shoes, there are certain shoes that fall in the category of essential shoes. Here we put list of shoes which are timeless and a must in every women’s collection:

Black Pumps with Low Heels

These are one of the essentials to a shoe collection. They fall between the category of casual and too formal. They can be worn at semi formal events like a business meeting or dinner. The heels of the shoes are on the broad side and are not too high. A black shoe is universally regarded as a shoe compatible with most dresses.

Neutral (Non- Black) Pumps

Black pumps go almost with everything but there are times when they are found wanting. A neutral, non white pump will adequately cover for the shortcomings of the black pump. Together both of them will cover the basic pump category of shoes. These will prove to be the most used and the essential lot of all the shoes. 

Semi-Casual Flats

These shoes are available in a lot of materials and colors. One can go ahead and pick the one of his choice. These shoes look extremely good with jeans as well as slacks. They are generally reserved for partying out with friends and are a notch higher than the regular casual shoes. The fact that they are extremely comfortable to wear without compromising on looks makes them even more essential. 

High Heeled Black Shoes

These are a definite must in every collection. These shoes are worn on select occasions and are reserved for formal occasions. They look classy and compliment most dresses. Shoes with fabric uppers are considered better that the ones with leather.

Metallic Shoes with High Heels

They are to high heeled black shoes what neutral pumps are to black pumps. Some clothes don’t go well with black shoes and that is where these come in. They are available in silver, pastels and shades of white and gray. The best part about them is that they compliment black dresses very well.

Regular Shoes

The choice for regular shoes depends solely on the individual. The choice can range from flip flops, sneakers, loafers etc. The main parameters while deciding on your regular shoes should be style, comfort and the fit.


One of the definite must haves in every woman’s shoe collection. Available under many brands and in a variety of styles and colors, these shoes can be worn for a trip to the grocery store or for jogging and other similar activities. The hade of white remains a particular favorite among most women.

High Heeled Casual Shoes

These shoes go well with jeans and other casual or semi formal outfits. These can be worn frequently and provide a welcome break from flats or low heeled shoes.

Tall Boots

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a black or brown boot. The choice of heels depends entirely upon the individual. They can completely transform an outfit and transform it from good to stunning. They go well with jeans, skirts and almost everything. Apart from the fashion aspect; they are extremely useful in cold weather.


Slippers are generally the most used yet underestimated of all footwear. A very casual, laid back type of slipper would complete the list of must haves in a woman’s wardrobe. From roaming around in the house to sipping a cup of coffee in your home, slippers are comfortable to wear and come in variety of styles and colors.

The Platform Shoe

This refers to the sole of the shoe and not the heel.Paltform shoes are thick soles sitting under the front part of the foot and are often combined with wedges, chunky heels or stilettos. If they are combined with a wedge heel, they are referred to as a Platform Wedge.

The Sandal

Worn as daytime or eveningwear, sandals are shoes with open toes and backs and have single or multiple straps for fastening. Sandal designs vary greatly depending on the type and material of straps and the height of heels. Bondage sandals have material straps that wind right up the leg, as in the days of Roman slaves.

Now you are familiar with the name and shoe types so it’s easy for you to consider which foot wear styles will best suit your body shape. But don’t forget the comfort aspect as well in the whole matter.

Gone are the days when women wear shoes as a necessity and for comfort. Now, it becomes the statement of fashion, style and elegance.

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