How to Get Super Shiny Legs Like Celebrities

Do you shy away from wearing short dresses just because you have got some scars or stretch marks on your legs? Well, summers are here and it’s the right to sport summery dresses like frocks and shorts. Have you wondered how celebrities pull off high-slit dresses and have well-defined legs, and can we miss that shine? Along with proper skin care, exfoliation, there are some makeup tips that help celebrities to flaunt shiny and beautiful legs.

Let’s take a look:

How To Take Care of Legs:

1. Dry Brushing: Dry brushing helps in getting rid of dry skin and also helps promote circulation. It also helps loosen up rough skin. Here’s how you can do “dry brushing the correct way.”

2. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of rough, dull skin. A good exfoliation routine will also clear ingrown hair on the legs. You can either use a readymade body scrub or make your own chemical-free rice powder and sugar rice scrub.

3. Waxing is better than shaving for smooth legs:  For visibly smooth legs, it’s better to wax your legs than shaving or epilation, and that’s because waxing gets the hair along with the root along with exfoliating and removing tan off the legs as well. Waxing also ensures that the dry and dead layer of the skin also gets cleared. If you do not have cold wax at home, here’s how you can make your own wax with easily available ingredients. Do not miss aloe vera gel post-waxing to calm any irritation if you have sensitive skin.

4. Apply a heavy moisturizer or body butter and wait for it to sink into your skin. Suggestions would be Nivea Creme or The Body Shop Shea Body Butter.

5. Now, mix a few drops of almond and coconut together and massage them well into the legs to make them shiny.

6. Want to get shiny legs instantly? When your legs are still wet and moist, massage a few drops of baby oil and see the glow and shine instantly.

How To Apply Leg Makeup:

1. Start by taking an appropriate amount of makeup. Apply in a circular motion, focusing on the outer edges of the application. Blend thoroughly.
2. Set your makeup with a light dusting of loose powder.
3. To draw some extra attention to your legs, try brushing a light shimmer powder in front of your calves. Highlighting enhance the length of your legs too.
4. Use a liquid bronzer on your legs. Make sure you rub it in evenly. The bronzer will add a subtle shimmer and shine.
5. People who do not have that perfect sculpted celebrity legs should try the contour technique to get the desired result. Just take a spray tanning product and lightly spray your outer thigh area from the top side of your legs all the way down. Do not spray the center front of your legs. Do the same spray technique on the inside of your legs from the top all the way down. Let this second coat dry. Again, do not spray the center back of your legs.
6. On days when you don’t want to use makeup you can use baby oil to enhance the beauty of your legs. Pour a couple of drops of body lotion into your hand and add a drop of baby oil to your lotion. There is no set formula. You are just using the baby oil to bring out the shine. Apply the lotion to your legs, making sure you rub it in evenly.

Leg makeup can be a fantastic way to cover up imperfections and give them that desired flawless look sported by celebrities the world over. Mentioned below are some tips to help you.

Types of leg makeup:

Liquid: Liquid makeup can be a little messy, but the product is easy to control with the right tools. Dispense the product onto the sponge and apply directly on the skin in a circular manner.

Spray on: It is the fastest and easiest way to obtain full-body coverage. These products are convenient to pack and to use, if you’re ready to step out the door in a flash, a spray-on formula may be the best product for body concealing.

Cake: These products are very time-consuming. Cake varieties pack heavy coverage with controlled application. This type of formula will last longer and provide a practically flawless result. But, they can clog the pores and cause mild breakouts with continued use.

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