Nail Art Designs for Girls 2015 in Pakistan

There is a vast variety of nail art designs which are excellent for Pakistani girls. With Eid round the corner, we are sure that most girls are thinking of looking unique and adding some glam and spice to their traditional Eid look too.

The best thing about nail art designs for girls in Pakistan is that they can be combination of traditional and contemporary. There are many salons which do great nail art but you can even master nail art at home with the proper guidance and tools which are not at all difficult to get hands on.

Some of the most loved looks for nail arts for young girls include polka dots. They look extremely funky and girly. You can team up color combinations like pink and purple, pink and yellow, red and black, pink and black, gold and pink and what not.

Just expand your horizon and make the polka dots of the colors of your choice. If you do not have a proper tool for putting polka dots you can use matchsticks for this purpose.

polka dots designs

Embellishments on nails look extremely pretty too. You can buy nail art accessories from stores or nail spas as there are many nail spas which sell them. Tiny stars, butterflies, sporty accessories like mini footballs and basketballs are all available in the market. All you need to do is explore. Such embellishments are excellent for your college too. If you want something really decent and classy as an embellishment you can go for tiny pearls or diamantes.

latest nail designs

Bling and glitter is always a great idea when it comes to nail art designs for girls in summer 2015 in our part of the world. They look gorgeous and can go really well with eastern look and attire. You can put on any color of nail polish and team it up with really cool and funky glitter nail polishes. This is not even hard to do and can be really easily done at home. You can do it on a friend and she can do it for you. This way you both can master the nail art designs.

These are some of the super easy and trendy nail art deigns which can be implemented without much practice. You and your friends can master these till the next upcoming event and look really stylish and unique with you nail art rather than simple colors of nail polishes.

glitter nail designs

Follow these above mentioned ideas and add in more experimentation to the styles you opt for as there is so much you can do with just one or two colors of nail polishes the right ideas and technique can do the trick for you every time you decide to go for a nail art design.

trendy nail designs 2015

Make sure you avoid creating a mess as it is often very hard to clean up after a bad experimentation of nail art designs. So try and master a particular design before you actually try it for some kind of outing or event.

The ever growing trend of nail art is just amazing. Here are some simple designs for you to get your nail art done in the trendiest way possible.

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