Massage, authentic way to get beauty

Even in this scientific era, it has proved that massage is another authentic way to get ultimate freshness of skin. Massage actually increases blood circulation, slow the aging process or wrinkles and gives your skin the natural glow.

In this regard, do not forget to massage your hands, feet, and arms with your face. Well it’s good if you will do full body massage.

Now if you people want to know about the fine process of doing massage then do not worry, we will help you out.

 For doing a good massage you need the following ingredients.
Cream (probably cold cream), skin tonic, cotton, or tissue papers etc. 
First of all apply the cold cream on your face, neck, hands, arms, and feet. Rub softly in circular directions and then remove the cream with the tissue paper. Then apply the skin tonic with piece of cotton and then massage with your fingers softly & gently. Always remember then your strokes during massage must be in upward directions. Especially while doing on neck and on face.
Make it a habit to massage your hands, arms, and feet with your face. So that your whole body look gorgeous as you want.

For centuries, it has been observed that doing massage keeps your skin fresh, healthy and young for long time.

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