Look Stylish With Handmade Balian

‘Handmade balian’ might sound impossible when heard for the first time if you have never tried jewelry making at home yet. But It is a wonderful experience to create your own signature style and save money at the same time.

If you think they might look imperfect when crafted at home, I must say you are absolutely wrong!!! because making the most stylish handmade balian are not more than a child’s play. Even if you are a false beginner you must give it a try and you would be prompted to make many pairs of trendy homemade balian yourself in future to match every new outfit of yours.


How To Embellish Handmade Balian

For embellishing your stylish handmade balian, you can go for some pearls, beads, stones, ceramic handmade flowers or real flowers. The decision of colour, and embellishing material is all yours. You can choose according to your requirement.

If you want a formal pair of handmade balian, you must use gemstones, pearls or beads. In order to craft stylish handmade balian for casual day to day use, you can craft ceramic flowers of various colours yourself and then make your handmade balian out of them. If you are planning to attend some henna party, you can even make handmade balian out of real Motia and rose flowers. they look the most trendy on such ceremonies.

How To Make Handmade Balian

Making handmade balian is a simple procedure, involving just a few steps and a little equipment. What you need for sure when trying to make trendy homemade balian are a quality wire used for jewelry making.

You must choose the wire of real silver or other metals recommended for jewelry making. If you would use an ordinary copper wire – thinking it is inexpensive – you might catch any kind of skin allergy when you would wear your handmade balian.

The next thing you need is a round shaped bottle cap or a jar lid around which you would form the curve of your balian. When you wind the wire around this lid, it takes the required shape of your handmade balian. The size of this ring is again your choice. If you feel like trying bold and stylish handmade balian, make as big a ring as you can, for instance around a glass.

To cut and twist the wire, you need flush cutters, nylon jaw pliers and round-nosed pliers. To flatten up the wire, you need a chasing hammer. If you are new to these tools, you can even use a pen or dowel instead of round-nosed pliers, and to grasp the wire you can use the ordinary pliers which would definitely be there in your car tool kit.

When your wire takes the shape of your desired handmade balian, you need to string your beads and pearls, or crystals onto this wire until a nice pattern is complete. You can try two beads, a spacer, then a crystal and repeat until full. When you successfully complete the embellishment procedure, you need to bend it on the ends so that they can be locked when worn.

This is how your stylish handmade balian are ready to touch your ears and impart a chic, eastern glamour to your looks!

Balian - the most famous round shaped earrings - are a must for every eastern woman. How about trendy homemade balian which can enhance your eastern beauty as well as keep your pocket safe from the burning jewelry prices!

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