How To Have Long, Beautiful And Healthy Nails

Beautiful, long, attractive fingernails are both posh and sexy. However, some people find them difficult to maintain.

You can grow beautiful nails and keep them that way just by following a few simple tips we've suggested for you...

1. Have A Proper Diet

Oftentimes people forget that diet is a key factor in order to grow and maintain long pretty nails. Because your nails consist of a high amount of protein, it is imperative that you incorporate foods that contain a good amount of protein.

Foods that are high in protein include:

  • Lean Meats
  • Fresh Cheeses and Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Legumes (nuts, beans, and lentils)

Another benefit of following a protein-rich diet is that it will help to significantly improve the overall health and condition of your hair.

2. Do Not Bite Your Fingernails

How will you ever have long luxurious nails if you continue to bite them off? You will not.

If you have a bad habit of constantly biting your fingernails, try applying nail polish. This will effectively discourage you from biting them since the polish tastes so bad.

3. How To Alleviate Unattractive Yellow Fingernails

Many people have yellow fingernails for various reasons. Here are a few reasons why you may have yellow nails, and how you can fix them:

i. Wearing too much nail polish without first applying a base coat (especially darker colors). You should always wear a base coat prior to wearing your nail polish to protect your nails from staining.

ii. Wearing nail polish that contains Formaldehyde as one of its ingredients. You should always go for nail polishes that are formaldehyde-free.

4. Always Keep Your Nails Clean

It is crucial that your nails are clean at all times to maintain their health and beauty. And one simple tip to keep them healthy is to always remember to also underneath your nails whenever you wash your hands!

5. Apply A Clear Base Coat Of Polish Prior To Wearing A Colored Coat

You should always cover your nails in a clear base coat prior to applying your chosen nail polish color. Reason being, it will prevent your nails from turning yellow (as we suggested earlier).

Plus, it is also a good idea to apply a clear base regularly to prevent your nails from breaking.

6. Take Vitamin Supplements Daily

A good daily vitamin intake will help to strengthen and revitalize your nails. Vitamins provide your body with essential nutrients to promote healthy nails, hair, and skin. Vitamin B6 is a key vitamin to enrich the health of both your nails and your hair.

7. Always Wear A Pair Of Gloves When Doing Household Chores

Performing every day chores around the house could be hazardous to your nails' health.

For instance, bleach will destroy your nails' natural proteins and cause them to weaken and break. Therefore, you should protect your nails by wearing gloves when doing dishes, scrubbing the bathroom, or doing work in the yard.

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