Know How to Remove the Ingrown Hair

The problem of ingrown hair is faced by most of the men and women. Since men shave everyday they face this problem with their facial skin.  Whereas women while they remove their unwanted hair from several parts of the skin, face this problem of ingrown hair. After the hair has grown inside the skin the main idea is to get rid of it. The question is how to deal with the problem of ingrown hair through an easy process.

The main idea is that we follow some simple and easy home remedies for the ingrown hair problem. The first step is to cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser so that the surface dirt is removed.  After the skin has been cleansed, there is a need to apply some heat to soften the area so that the ingrown hair is removed.

The heat is to be applied for almost five minutes so that the hair may come to surface easily. The next step is exfoliation. For mild exfoliation, use your fingers and work the fingertips in small circles around hair follicle to loosen debris and dead skin then rinse the area.

The removal of ingrown hair can be a little difficult because being harsh to the skin can cause harm to the skin at that area. Now the most important step is to remove the hair by holding the skin taut and ‘scraping’ cotton swab in the opposite direction of the ingrown hair, so that the hair comes out. If the hair is already removed there is no need to use a needle or tweezers, but remember if any of these instruments is to be used then they should be sanitized or sterilized.

Alcohol is the best sanitizer readily available for the sanitizing of the tweezers. After that, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a clean cotton ball or square to hair follicle and then Neosporin to ward off infection.

Special care should be taken while you dig the tweezers into the skin and remember prevention is always better than cure so look for ways to get rid of ingrown hair at the first place. Enjoy smooth, silky and hair-free skin!

Process of removing an ingrown hair to avoid the harm to that skin area.

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