H&Z Khussa Collection

We all know of the famous khussa brand i.e. Khussa Mahal, and agree that while khussas are a pure traditional footwear, there is a lack of creativity and novelty in their design. Well no more! Hina and Zara fill this gap by releasing their line of distinctive khussas i.e. H&Z Khussa Collection, that is guaranteed to catch you eye.

The story behind H&Z Khussa Collection is the dreadful lack of variety in this amazing footwear, claims the young Hina Fatima, especially when there is so much that can be done. H&Z Collection aims to attract shoe-lovers from all over the country who prefer to wear foreign brands over the local ones. We believe this traditional footwear has not been given the recognition it deserves, adds Zara Akhtar.

H&Z Khussa collection comprises of high-quality and handmade khussas. Hina and Zara have experimented with various color schemes and contrasts. The khussas are hand-made and of good quality. The variety is sufficient and you will see a range of colors and designs with gold-plated embellishments, intricate artwork of jute and banarsi fabric with pearl and stone nuggets and kundan brooches.

Hina and Zara presented their footwear line at the Fashion Pakistan Lounge (FPL) this year. Both sisters seek out online buyers as they plan to launch their website soon.

Have you heard that the latest fashion trend in the footwear is the chic khussas? Hina & Zara bring for you their H&Z khussa collection with a touch fashion and glitz.

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