How To Remove The Tan Lines From Face And Body

Throughout the summer season, majority of people love to spend time in summer. In summers sun rays directly affect the skin. By spending time under sun, results the tan lines on the face and other parts of body. Tan lines are unattractive and are caused by exposing only certain body parts under the sun. The skin will not looks even and the tan lines will attract unwanted attention towards them especially if there is a big difference in skin tone.

The term tanning is fashion in western countries for young women to seek a less pale complexion. Tan lines can be one of the most persistent side effects of summer spend in the sun. Tan lines can occur on any part of the body which is not exposed to the skin and your skin does not tan evenly. This difference between the skin tones can be very unattractive especially when wearing clothes that reveal more skin.  Many people treat tan lines as an eyesore although tan lines pose no health risks. Here are few tips by which you can remove your tan lines gently.

One of the solution is to even your tan. To even out your skin color and to get rid of tan lines don’t expose yourself to the sun again otherwise your whole body will be tan more. If tan lines on your face and body are easily noticeable, so you have to go in the sun which may be the simplest solution to remove tan lines.

You have to apply a layer of sunscreen to the areas where you are already tanned. In this way you can give the untanned area an additional exposure. Cucumber slices has properties that lighten up the skin especially tender facial skin. You can apply cucumber slices by dipping it incold milk. Rub it all over your face that will definitely work. 

You can use a self tanner which is known to be pretty effective. Self tanner will help you to mask noticeable tan lines on your body.  You will need to spread tanner evenly on your skin. That way you can surely get even skin complexion. But do remember while using self tanner, avoid using exfoliating products as they leave residue on your skin interfere with the absorption of former.

Regular exfoliation is also a solution to get rid of tan lines from body if you don’t want to get a tanned look overall. Regular exfoliation will help you to get back your original skin complexion by removing dead skin gradually. You have to apply baby oil on the areas where you have tan lines for half an hour. Then take shower and exfoliate your skin by gently massaging it with soft cloth immediately after taking a bath. You can also soak yourself in hot bathtub and use a body scrub for exfoliation.

Lime water is also a remedy for tan lines. Simply cut lime and directly rub on your tanned parts of body. It is so easy to use. If you keep on doing this for few weeks your skin would lighten up.

If you want good results, then you have to do these remedies regularly and wait patiently. It is impossible to remove tan line overnight. It will take time to remove tan lines from body. So be patient.

Explore ways to remove tan lines. You will obtain noticeable results against tan lines and will surely get your natural color back by acting upon these tips.

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