How To Prevent Eye Wrinkles In Winter?

The areas around your eyes are really sensitive and you got to take care of them on daily basis. If you follow the care tips of avoiding wrinkles around your eyes then we bet you will never have any. You just need to take care of things like while sleeping you need to sleep on your back instead of pressing your face in pillow and pressuring the delicate skin under your eye. Weather its winter or not you need to follow this eye care tip to avoid ugly wrinkles around eye area.

Moreover our body and appearance shows what we eat? Yeah consuming less nutrition then needed and dehydrated body can also cause the wrinkles around your eyes in winter. Have 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to maintain the ideal level of hydration in body. Remember the more you keep your skin moist the more there will be less chances of wrinkles around your eyes.

Sunscreens are not only important in summers but in winters too. A good base of sunscreen having SPF 15 protection can save your delicate skin under eyes from getting killer wrinkles. Apply your trusted brand sun screen to avoid wrinkles in winters. Apply it really gently since area under eyes is really sensitive. Similarly have some good big framed sunglasses too. These big pair of spectacles can avoid wrinkles in winters caused by harsh wind and blunt sun in winters. We bet its protection will be ultimate if the sunglasses you are picking up are 100% UV protected.

Last but not the least the most effective solution of removing and avoiding wrinkles around eyes in winters is to apply Vitamin E oil. Yeah you can acquire this oil by purchasing some Vitamin E pills. Squeeze it well and drain the oil out, now with the tip of your middle finger apply this “magic “tonic under the area around your eyes. Practice the above steps in night and sleep on “back”. You will see that the wrinkles have been decreased even after a single application of vitamin E oil.

We Hope you will get rid of beauty blunder the wrinkles but the first step is to follow our winter eye care tips. Have a happy winter season.

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