How to make your makeup last longer

So you are on your way to a very special event, maybe a wedding or a surprise birthday bash or even an evening get-together, and evidently you are keen to look your best. So you have your best products lined up for this special event and you have spent at least an hour to create a perfectly flawless look to match that very expensive dress you are wearing and obviously with all the effort put in, you certainly do not want it to fade away.

But like always, your makeup tends to fade away much quicker than the event even lasts. Yes! We know how frustrating it is when you go to the mirror for a split instant in the middle of the evening and find out that half of your effort in makeup routine has evaporated and u need retouches. 

Makeup tends to fade away quick if you haven’t applied a layer underneath your skin that can keep the product from being absorbed quickly. Here are some essential tips on how to protect that makeup look and make it last longer:


The first and foremost thing to check is that your skin is fresh and without any flakes before applying anything on your face. Make sure you exfoliate properly so that there are no dead skin flakes and your canvas is ready to use.

While moisturizing your skin, make sure that you do not moisturize too much. It is advisable to use a moisturizing mask, rinse it properly and then apply a very little amount of moisturizer leaving the oily surfaces. Too much moisturizer will make your makeup fade faster.


While applying your makeup, it is crucial that you apply primers wherever needed. Makeup look without a primer looks like an unwashed car. Prime the surfaces and then apply your products.

One major mistake that most people make is that they apply too much on too little. Do not overdo it! Most artists believe on the “less is more” strategy. Use little and blend it properly. This is true mostly in case of foundation.

When it comes to concealing the spaces, try and use as little as possible because too much concealer only makes the surface look uneven if it is applied too much. Try and use an eye liner’s tip to conceal blemishes and spots.


When you are applying eyes shadows, use both the cream and powder forms on your eyes. Apply the creamy eye shades on your eyelids first and then apply the powdered one. The cream will keep the powder intact and the powder will keep the cream from fading away.

Eyeliners are always the tricky bits. Use a water proof eye liner so that it doesn’t smudge away. While lining your eyelid always start from the middle and move your way outwards.

It is summer! Glosses will naturally fade away. Avoid using lip glosses and even if you want to, use a lip primer or powdered foundation on your lips before applying. Best is that you use lipstick to keep it last longer.

Makeup tends to fade away quick if you haven’t applied a layer underneath your skin. Here is how you can make it last longer.

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