How To Know What Make Up Colors To Wear For Blue Eyes

When it comes about makeup, few things that you must keep in mind are the latest trends in makeup and the shape and color of your eyes. Blue eyes are so alluring and mesmerizing but only if you know how to enhance them with eye makeup you can grasp the attention and ready to sizzle. It’s not difficult to make your blue eyes pop out pretty.

Following are some of the tips that you can follow for blue eyes makeup.

Tone of eye colors complexion:
Before you begin to think what eyes makeup suits you. Identify what blue eye colors do you have and also the face complexion. Face complexion and skin texture is as important as you eye color in deciding what color you want to apply on your eyes.

The blue color varies from deep blue to gray eyes. For darker tone of blue eyes, you can wear almost any color of eye shade; however, gray tones of eyes are bit difficult to decide, but you can match your makeup with the dress of your clothes. Usually people who have blue eyes possess a comparatively fairer complexion.

Eye brows:
While considering the eyes makeup, the shape, curve and color of eye brow is really important. Usually black eye brows do not look very nice with the blue tone eyes. Though Sharon stone can pull off her thick black brows very impressively. The eye brow color must be the same as of your hair color. It’s better to not forget the eye brows for blue eyes makeup.

Mascara and eye liner:
When it comes to mascara you mainly have two options i.e. black and brown. But it’s not like blond cannot apply black mascara, because that totally depends upon the choice of an individual. Applying liquid eye liner can be a bit difficult for an amateur. Eye liner that can be applied with the help of a brush is a very convenient and practical option.

Eye shadows:
There is a wide range of option of eye shadows when it comes to blue eyes makeup. If you just started off with makeup it’s best to take it slow and try out some basic or nude colors that look good with everybody like pale pink, and light shade in browns for eyes makeup.

You can always go for Smokey eyes but you have to be skilled and  expert when you are doing Smokey makeup because then you’ll be playing some really daring and darker shades like hues of dark blue’s, jade, green  and black.


  • While you are applying eyes makeup, make sure that the products that you are using are not outdated or expired, since eyes are a very sensitive part of your eyes.
  • The makeup brush that you use must not be old or muggy, because then you cannot have perfection and fine line.
  • Take good care of your eyes and do not forget to apply eye cream as it’ll reduce all the aging lines.
  • Have a peaceful 7-8 hours of sleep, a sufficient sleep will help you to not have puffy eyes and dark circles.

Remove all the clogs and smudges of eyes makeup before you go to bed.

Eye makeup is all about how you can enhance your features especially your eyes. Following article is related to the eye makeup guide for blue eyes makeup.

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