How To Keep Shoes From Stinking

May it be a university student, a banker or an employ at a big company he/she would have to wear shoes every morning till the end of the tiring day. By the end of the day the shoes and the feet are exhausted and tired, besides that there is a smell in the shoes that last for too long. It is important to get rid of this smell so that the next time you wear them you feet feel fresh and the stink is no more there.

Human nature dictates that people sweat. And human nature also dictates that, generally speaking, men sweat more than women. Nothing is more frustrating than dress shoes that absolutely stink, which tends to put a damper on an otherwise fine appearance. Here are some tips to avoid just that. Some simple and easy to follow steps to avoid the shoes from stinking.

Wash your feet and change your socks at lunch. Even if you take several precautions, many men’s dress shoes are still quite hot because they are mostly made of leather, making a mini leather oven for your foot. By washing your feet and changing your socks, you are essentially giving your feet a fresh start midway through the day.

Shave any hair on your feet. Hair holds the moisture. By shaving the hair, the moisture from the sweat will be absorbed by the socks and minimize the smell of your shoes. Avoid wearing the same pair of dress shoes on back to back days. Instead, set them outside where they can bask in the rays of the sun. The sun will help eliminate the smell and stop your shoes from stinking.

One of the most interesting of ways to get rid of the stink is to keep unused tea bags in the shoes over night and use some fragranced talcum powder in the shoe to get a fresh fragrance.
Besides that relax your feet by washing them with warm water and make sure you dry them properly, especially between the toes.

Be very careful during the summer, the shoes stink due to sweat and moisture, the use of talcum powder will have wonders for vanishing the stink of the shoes.

Easy ways to avoid the shoes from stinking.

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