How to Get Super Pouty Lips

Pouty lips looks beautiful and hot. This is the latest trend in makeup to wear super pouty look. Pouty lips means the full lips as Angelina Jole has, some makeup artist don’t agree with it as they think she has full lips, but it cannot be considered super pouty. Super pouty "look" is about fresh and crisp lips that look very hot and sexy. You can wear this look with little effort by following some advice.

Tips for Super Pouty Lips

With little makeup expertise you can achieve this super hot look, it does not matter you have full lips or not. You can make your lips full with right kind of makeup tricks.

Toolkit for Super Pouty Lips

What all you need for making your lips super pouting is, lip balm, lip primer, simple foundation, lip pencil, lip-concealer, lipstick, lip gloss, and lipstick brush.


1. Clean the Canvas:

Super clean canvas generates the super picture, clean your lips first. Apply a little amount of lip balm, leave it for few minutes. Cleans the balm with wet cotton, it would be good to clean it with rose water. This step will moist your lips and enhance the softness that required achieving the look.

2. Lip Premier:

After cleaning your lips apply a thin layer of lip premier. Markets are stuffed with different kinds of lip premiers, choose your favorite brand. You can skip this step by applying a very thin layer of any good moisturizer.

3. Lip Foundation:

Lip foundations are not far different from face-foundations. Don’t drop your money in purchasing lip foundation. You can also use your face foundation. Apply foundation evenly on your lips, don’t apply is massively. People often found this step too drying for their lips, in order to fix dryness use moisturizer base foundation. If you have even color tone you can skip this step.

4. Lip Pencil:

right kind of lip pencil is crucial for this stage. Pouting lips are supposed to full lips, and for super pouting look this is necessary to manage the fullness of your lips. If you have full lips it is good, but if you don’t have full lips use the art of lip pencil. If you want to have soft pouting lips use pink and peach shade to define the lip limits and for dark looks go for purple and black.

With full lips apply the lip pencil on your natural lip line, this will save your gloss from flooding out. With narrow lips, apply the lip liner outside the natural lip line. It should be just outside the natural lip line, will not be too far.

5. Lipstick:

Before applying the lipstick smooth you outline with the help of clean lipstick brush. This will make your lip line natural. Now apply the lipstick, you can apply it with the help of brush or can use the tube lipstick. Using of brush and lipstick tube depends on your comfort level; using brush is easier to manipulate your lip line.

You can use the gloss this step also for nude lips, but for this the lip liner color should be more natural. What looks fabulous there? The matte lipstick looks more appealing, use matte lipstick and fill the outline smartly.

6. Concealing:

The last step for super pouting look is of concealing it, if you are not good in makeup this is necessary step for you. Through concealing you can hide your all makeup faults. Critically evaluate your look, and then fix the issues with the help of small brush.

Dip the brush into the consealer cleans up the lip line lightly it will help in keeping your lips fresh and crisp. You can skip this step, but this can make a difference in your super pouting look. Now you are done your super pouting lip look, your supper pouting lips will surely get noticed.

Pouty lips look very sexy and are highly noticeable. Pouty lips are in fashion these days; you can make you lips pouty through some simple steps.

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