How To Get Long Lashes

Some people are gifted naturally with long lashes. People with short eyelashes often get frustrated. If you are not gifted naturally with long lashes, you don’t have to worry about it. You can get long lashes without paying anything. Long lashes make your eyes look bigger and also give you fresh and youthful appearance. Here you will find some valuable tips to get long lashes.

1. Lip balm is another option to make eyelashes longer. Apply lip balm on lashes and make your lashes appear curlier. Start applying from inner corner of the eyes to the other end of your lashes. Make sure your skin also gets some balm. To get the skin oily with lip balm, press the lip balm down to your skin. Over time, you will feel enlargement in your eyelashes.

Repeat the same procedure in other eye. For best results choose flavored lips balm rather than unflavored one. Pick a flavored lip balm and get longer lashes in easy attempt. It would better to apply lip balm before going to sleep. Don’t forget to wear a sleeping mask. Wash off the lip balm when you wake up. Reapply two coats of lip balm the way mentioned above in the morning also. Reapplying will help in penetrating.

2. Get a mascara brush from any mascara tube. Wash the mascara brush with water. To clean it well, wash it with soap. This type of brushes is also available in market. Soak the washed brush in baby powder to dry it out. Now take Vaseline that is used commonly for dry skin as moisturizer. Brush your eyelashes with Vaseline by using mascara brush. See the difference in just five weeks. 

3. Improve your diet that is the best way to get longer lashes without any side effect. Maximize the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables that are enriched in vitamins and necessary nutrients require for getting long lashes. Without proper diet, your body will stop to grow hair. So eat fresh and healthy food. 

4. Don’t ever go to bed for sleep at night without removing makeup. If you don’t wash the mascara off at night before sleep, it will leave your lashes more brittle. The left mascara overnight will make lashes susceptible to breakage. So wash the makeup before sleep.

5. If you want to get long lashes instant then go for eye lashes curler. The hand operated device makes your lashes appear longer. It will give you instant ling lashes. If you don’t have eyelashes curler, then what is better than mascara? Mascara is the essential eye makeup product that everyone must have. This is the most obvious option to get longer lashes. The mascara will make lashes appear thick, dark and lengthened. The thickness and darkness of lashes depends upon the brand and type of product you choose.

6. You can curl lashes and apply mascara at the same time also. Curl your lashes first and then apply mascara. The use of mascara before curling will lead to breakage of lashes as curling after applying mascara makes the lashes brittle. So don’t let your lashes to fall and always remember to not curl lashes after using mascara.

Long lashes are the desire of every woman as it has become a part of the swag to get thicker and longer lashes. Long lashes are God gifted but not everyone is blessed. But you do not have to worry if your lashes are short.

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