How to Be Confident as a Short Person

Weight, size and body shape matters to every women. They spend hours and thousands of bucks on diet products, exercises and gym fees. But one thing that gets over looked is the confidence part that is really important because candidly speaking if you are too conscious, you’ll lose the charm. You must be confident no matter how tall or short you are. Confidence is the one that makes the good body look bad and bad body look good.

Following are some of thestyle tips for short girls.

Don’t slouch:
Standing up straight is really important. This is the right kind of posture that makes you look trimmer and your body in symmetry. If you tuck your tail bone in and pelvis straight then automatically your belly would be in. if you are slouchy then it’ll deduct another inch from your petite height. If you walk straight despite of the fact what height you are, but it naturally gives a glow to your face and perk up the mood. This is the best style tips for short girls because medically when the chin is up and you look at the world confidently, eventually your brain works with the same enthusiasm actively. This one style tips must be adopted by every Pakistani women.

What to wear?
This is a very important choice that you should make wisely therefore I bring you a Pakistani style tip for short girls. While choosing the pattern of your dress, if you must wear stripy dress, do make sure that you wear stripes that are vertical instead of horizontal. Because vertical stripes will not just make you look slimmer but you’ll appear to be taller. However, horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. Moreover, one should try not to wear too revealing dressing neither too long; adopt the mid-way. Select three quarter sleeves because it will make your arms and upper body look longer.

Sit straight:
Whenever, you are sitting in your office, home or school on the chair or sofa. Keep your back straight and don’t lean or slouch. You should be careful especially when you are working on the computer keep your back straight and reach the keyboard comfortably in your access. Slumping over the desk or computer is also very harmful for the back.

Try to wear high heels as it’ll make you look taller and you’ll walk really confidently. These days one style that is really in these days are wedges, which are heels yet comfy and also the platform heels. Wedges look equally nice with the eastern as well as the western dresses. Stilettos are also a very good option for petite girls. But they are formal shoes which one must wear occasionally. Walking with high heel/ sandals on women always walk very gracefully.

There are number of celebs in the Hollywood, Bollywood or our own Pakistani stars and models who are petite but they dazzle and rock whatever they are striving for. Shakira, a very famous singer a hip hop and belly dancer, who sung Waka Waka for FIFA cup 2010, is only 5 feet 1 inch tall and so as Nicole Richie and Kristen Bell are 5 feet 1 inches tall. But they all manage to look so beautiful and ravishing. Juggan Kazim our own Pakistani TV actress, anchor and famous model who has been a participant of best model of the year, acted in a movie when she was in Canada and has been modeling for Nishat Linen magazine, looks so pretty and beautiful even with the height of 5 feet 3 inches. You know what the key of all their success and beauty is that despite of being petite they are confident. They believe in themselves and so must you. BEST OF LUCK!

Weight, size and body shape matters to every women. But one thing that gets over looked is the confidence part in short looking woman. Following are some of the style tips for short girls.

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