Hot Shoe Trends For Winter 2012

The fashion freaks are always eager to know the key trends ahead of time that they expect to see in the coming season. This week I thought to cover the kind of footwear that will make the winters sizzling hot so let’s check out what is going to be in.

1. Buckle & Lace shoes

Winter dressing cannot be completed without fitting your shoes in the snug buckle and lace shoes. These are evergreen, or should I say ever-winter,shoes that look hot in the cold weather. If you need my tip, dust off your old shoes and make them ready for use in this winter.

2. Furry Boots

When it comes to the scathing cold weather, nothing can be more comfortable that furry boots and you will be glad to know that this winter is going to rock with them. Various designer magazines I have shuffled through validate my opinion. So, all you trendy girls and guys, get a hold of furry boots and make a fashion statement of your own this season around.

3. Thigh-high Boots

It is time to bring the thigh-high boots out of your shoe-wardrobe that you brought a couple of years back, because they are coming back in the trend. These over-the-knee shoes are going to make it big in fashion circles. Don a jegging or smart jeans along with thigh boots and make heads turn your way.

4. Low Heels and Flats

This shoe style is a breather for all the women who complain of tired feet but still want to wear dandy shoes. Low heels and flats are comfortable and come in a variety of designs. This category, by far, is the most popular amongst ladies who go for style boots, ballerines, brogues, court shoes, clogs and loafers.

5. High Heels

All of you girls who are smitten with high heels, just stay tight, because your shoes are not going anywhere. High heels are extremely flattering and give grace and style by adding a couple of inches to your height but wearing them can be a lot of hard-work if you are not used to it. Just practice with the stilettos and block heels for a while before you want to step out confidently.

Last but not the least, I have personally checked Stylo, Metro, Mary Claire and a couple of other shoe outlets in my city and guess what – they all have the latest variety of winter shoes out so make a plan already girls! You surely do not want to miss out on the hot style in this cold weather.

Shoe designers, having accepted the challenge of fashion trends, have swarmed the market with the fashion-provoking shoes. Speaking of their artistic creativity, this winter is ready to become ‘hot’ with their latest shoe-wear.

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