Fresh Summer Eye Makeup

Now is the time to shine and leave your beautifully painted eyes soft, pure and alluring. Since, most of women can’t live without makeup even in hot temperature, here are a few pointers to keep your persona alive with fresh summer eye makeup.

For fresh summer eye makeup first switch on to those products that can resist heat and these includes waterproof mascara, the choice of eye pencils over liquid eyeliners and eye shadows that harden after makeup application.

If you have to attend a party in summers then this pointer suggest that you use false eyelashes to hide out the portion of the shadow.

This fresh summer eye makeup tip suggest that have mercy on your eyes, line the upper lash line or settle for a sweep of a light shadow if you really want to do makeup. Use darker colours, as they are prone to be more apparent.

This pointer suggest that fresh summer eye makeup should not include liners and mascaras as they bleed and make you look like you’re having a black eye. Similarly avoid kohl pencils, as most of these smudge, irrespective of what brand you buy.

For fresh summer eye makeup add a light dusting of loose powder. This would, help in absorbing all kinds of sweat and give your makeup a glow and a glimmer. According to this pointer, fresh summer eye makeup can be obtained by using a non-powdered blotting paper to remove any under-eye perspiration when you do notice streaking.

For a good summer makeup, reapply faded makeup sparingly. Constant re-application can make your face look absolutely patched up and hardly the kind that looks neat.

Now is the time to shine and leave your beautifully painted eyes soft, pure and alluring.

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